Some Tips for Maintaining a Steady Heart Rate

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I'm almost 85 & a caregiver heart rate is very low but  I  feel great. ( 55 )  I do take a 30mg.temazapam at bedtime ,& 15 mg sotolol  twice a day for afib.I  am pretty sedentary right now as,I  have a back issue from a accident weight is 112 -114 ,I'm 5'3 & I  eat well..not allot but well. Is this o.k.?
Hello Mrs. Briggs, most of people with Afib have fast heart rate, yours is very low which is atypical in Afib patients. It doesn't mean there must be a problem, but there's a big chance. My biggest concern is long pause of heart beat. I would suggest you take a Holter monitor, which is a 24 hour EKG. When you wear the holter monitor, you can come home, the next day you return it to the clinic. I understand you're a caregiver, in this case you don't need to stay overnight in a hospital.