What Are the Basics of Osteomyelitis?

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I first had osteomyelitis my senior in high school, 1973.  I went months in severe pain from my right middle finger, which infection in end of finger took the tip end of finger bone is gone. I was put in hospital and a drain was entered to drain infection and a C&S was performed to see what type of medication was used.  But, I've had years of end of finger splitting open, very sore and bleeding.  A year later, osteomyelitis set up in my left thumb but my doctor immediately treated it with meds. Over 30 years later this happened again but to my right thumb.  My doctor put me on same antibiotics and infection popped out end of right thumb and finally healed.  With in the last 3 years, ever 5 weeks I would get a pedicure and when they massaged legs with lotion it hurt so bad, I had to stop them from massaging.   I almost cried it was so painful.  Now, I had severe pain in my left shoulder where I never got relief.  The ortho doctor did total shoulder replacement but it didn't help.  He told me a reversal would do any good.  So, I went to an older ortho doc 2 hours away.  He never saw where I even need complete shoulder replacement but he did do a reversal and stated he didn't really see why they performed this surgery.  I had lost complete use of my left shoulder and arm.  Now, out of the blue, I stated having severe pain in my right shoulder which the said I had severe osteoarthritis,  neck moderate osteoarthritis,  and tendinitis and on ortho doc said it was nerve damage.  I'm scared.  I'm scared now it has something to do with my osteomyelitis.   I dont know what to do or what kind of doctor to use.  I'm so tired of pain and I've had this horrible pain daily since September,  2018.  Can you please help me??
I am not sure about your situation. have you ever done any test for the pain ? how do you know it is severe osteoarthritis and tendinitis in your shoulder? How do you know neck moderate osteoarthritis, and tendinitis? Have you done MRI for Cervical vertebra?
Osteomyelitis occurs in long bones in most cases. Acute osteomyelitis is characterized by high fever and local pain. When it is converted to chronic osteomyelitis, there will be ulceration, pus, dead bone or cavity formation. It can be tested with X-ray/CT-scan. In patient withosteomyelitis, the white blood cell count can be normal. However, ESR and C-reactive protein are increased.