What Are the Symptoms of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis?

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My Wife has Myalgic Encephalitis. She tires too easily. Takes several medications. We've been married (8) Months. What can I do to help her? Thanks for your time & consideration. Tom
There is no cure, with treatment being symptomatic. No medications or procedures have been approved in the United States. Evidence suggests that cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and a gradual increase in activity suited to individual capacity can be beneficial in some cases. In a systematic review of exercise therapy, no evidence of serious adverse effects was found, however data was insufficient to form a conclusion.[6] Some patient support groups have criticized the use of CBT and graded exercise therapy (GET). Tentative evidence supports the use of the medication rintatolimod. This evidence, however, was deemed insufficient to approve sales for CFS treatment in the United States。
In 2017, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended light exercises and stretching but not in the four hours before bed to help with sleep.Stretching and movement therapies are also recommended for pain. Previously, a 2014 National Institutes of Health report concluded that while Graded Exercise Therapy (GET) could produce benefits, it may not yield improvement in quality of life and that because of this limitation, GET should not be considered as a primary treatment, but instead be used only as one component of a broader approach. The report also noted that a focus on exercise programs had discouraged patient participation in other types of physical activity, due to concerns of precipitating increased symptoms. A July 2016 addendum to this report recommended that the Oxford criteria not be used when studying ME/CFS. If studies based on the Oxford criteria were excluded, there would be insufficient evidence of the effectiveness of GET on any outcome.
Pacing is an energy management strategy based on the observation that symptoms of the illness tend to increase following minimal exertion.
Patients with CFS benefit from a well-balanced diet and eating regularly (eating little and often), including slow-release starchy foods in meals and snacks. Although elimination diets are not generally recommended, many pe