What Are the Possible Complications of Osteomyelitis?

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Following bunion surgery and while wearing casts I developed a serious bone infection.  I ended up in the hospital isolation unit for 2 weeks.  Out for 2 weeks and back in again for another 2 weeks.  Finally more surgery to scrape the bone.  I wore a wet cast on my foot for nearly one year.    The pain was nearly unbearable.  This was 45 years ago.  And still occasional exerience pain and cramping in the arch of my foot.
Hello, according to your description, you may be chronic osteomyelitis. It can have the following complications:
1. Malformation: As the epiphysis is stimulated by inflammation, the affected limb grows excessively and becomes longer, or the bone plate is destroyed, affecting the development. As a result, the limb is shortened, the side of the epiphyseal plate is damaged, and the development is asymmetrical, causing the joint to be inverted. Or valgus deformity; due to soft tissue scar contracture, can also cause flexion deformity.
2. Joint rigidity
As the infection spreads into the joint, the articular cartilage surface is destroyed, making the joint fibrotic or bony.
3. Carcinogenesis
Sinus ostium skin can be combined with cancer due to continuous stimulation, usually squamous cell carcinoma.
Therefore, you need to actively treat the cause of the primary lesion.