How to Ease Tooth Pain

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I'm in serious pain as I have been for a while 2-3mo at least.Been to 4 dentist none of them were able to put me out.Need 8 abscessed would like to have them all removed at the same time . Also have TMJ Jaws very weak slip and fall accident top job came out of hinge. Warm mouthpiece for 2 years please I need help. Have pain in throat neck shoulders I'm afraid of getting a brain infection. Had stroke year-and-a-half ago memory very poor. Lately I've felt more confused headache for two months Non-Stop. I do and and position does also believe this to be an extreme emergency to have all 8 cut out. Cannot be pulled broke off to the gum. Unable to eat sleep in pain constantly also have fibromyalgia and arthritis.
Hello, your situation is very complicated. If they can't remove the gum abscess at the same time, can they be removed separately? The sooner you remove, the better. The less abscess remaining, the better. For sore throat, headache, joint pain, muscle pain, it is recommended to go to the hospital for a comprehensive physical examination. After the comprehensive assessment, the doctor decides the treatment plan.
I had a root canal done 4 to 5 years ago and now it's swelling and I'm in severe pain what do I do
Call your local dentists, get the earliest appointment, by then, you can try Turmeric and Chamomile tea, they may help a bit.
After root canal treatment, there may be pain in occlusion. Generally, it is the manifestation of acute periapical periodontitis. Oral anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs can be taken, or oral dentists can coordinate, so as to rest the affected teeth as far as possible. If there is still obvious pain, it is recommended to go to the regular hospital stomatology clinic to check whether denervation is complete. The teeth have cracks or not. It is suggested that metronidazole tablets be used temporarily for anti-inflammatory treatment.
Clove oil 100% liquid
I have a crown on the lt upper tooth. It is bothering me for a couples of weeks now. It is just dull ocasional pain also mild temperature sensation. I cant afford to pay for a new crown at this moment; what I can do?
Let me try to understand, you've had the crown for years, recently you've been feeling uncomfortable, you sense the crown might be worn but you can't afford a new one right now. If this is your case, see if these tips can help somehow.
1. wash with lukewarm water
2. use anti-allergic toothpaste
Clove oil
I had all my teeth extracted best thing for the pain it's 100% clove oil I bought an ounce of the liquid at Gnc store for like 8 bucks used a q tip and gently ram it along my gumline it's strong in taste and smell just drink any liquid beverage aside water and it is tolerable and the average for.the me were Excellent ants no pain literally !
I had a dull pain in a tooth went to dentist he put a glue type stuff around the bottom and on dull pain spot  - It came back - went to other dentist in office they filled the area NOW I have dull pain and sensitive to hot and cold  I dont think she filled it properly  I dont know what the dentist should do - my regular dentist will be back and I may ask him to refill it