What Is the Difference Between the Normal Heart Rate and the Tachycardia Heart Rate?

3 Answers

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Heart rate 127 blood pressure 142 67 shortage of breath 64 years old copd ibs
Normal heart rate is 60-100, 127 is higher above the normal . you should have EKG to find out what is it. Blood pressure is a little high. have a low salt diet and drink less water. Follow up with your Pulmonologist  for the COPD, take actions like oxygen therapy, exercise every day, diet healthy, try to stay in a place with less air pollution.
if a person has two heartbeats what does that mean and what should be a normal pulse for them
what do you mean "a person has two heartbeats“?
You may have an extra electrical impulse. My son had three. It is called WPW syndrome, named after three doctors who discovered the problem. My son had ablation where they sucked out the two extra impulses. The problem is there is danger of having to have a pacemaker since it also removes some nerves. Meds sometimes may help
I was given medicine to lower my heart beat. My blood pressure was 117/66 pulso 86 buy I am worry that with the medicine my blood pressure a dropping 98/56. Is this ok? Amy
Hi, are you on Betaloc? If you don't feel dizzy, 98/56 is okay, what's your pulse now? As long as you don't feel discomfort due to lower BP, I think you need to keep taking the med since lowering pulse is the target for now. However if your pulse goes below 70 you may choose to discuss with your cardiologist about the dose. Usually we set 70 as the target heart rate when giving beta blocker.
As long as you feel no discomfort, you can keep taking the med. If you feel dizzy or even faint you call your doctor, he/she will then reconsider the dose.