What is the Life Expectancy of Advanced COPD?

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Hi everyone I just looked up about COPD and Life expectancy and got to this with all you wonderful people and all of us it seems sharing the same 4 letters, COPD. I am 65 almost, will be in April and was diagnosed with this at 58, 5 days before my 58th Birthday to be exact. Did not even know what COPD was not had ever heard of it when I was told that is what I have. I had quit smoking 2 weeks before I found out and ended up in the Hospital. I still DO NOT Smoke and never will again. I do not even know what stage I’m at but I do not believe it’s good. Just completed a series of Breathing Tests Which came back as saying I have 35% Lung Compacity. I where Oxygen at night connected to my Bi-pap machine but seldom wear Oxygen during the day but I have noticed that I’ve been wearing it more lately set at 2.5 Oxygen. I don’t get very many answers from my Dr. but I sure would like to know if I should be looking at a certain time line. If anyone would like to text back and forth I would love it as I do not know anyone. My cell number is (831) 233-0587 and I’m Kim. Thanks everyone for listening.God Bless you all.
Leann, my name is jimmy I am 55 yrs.old. I smoked for 40 yrs.i quit Nov and 2017. I may be able to help you if you want it you can contact me here jimmyhunt@suddenlink.net
i have it and find i have more of a disire to smoke, moving the trash cans to the street and i am out of breath
detrip your have more of a desire to smoke and you have copd?
)you can not get a lung transplant after age 65 im at end stage 4 but im doing lung therapy
I think the person offering info was offering the routine stuff that can be confirmed at any good and valid med web site or by one’s doc.  Certainly you should review with your docs and never accept meds or cures offered even by people on the net claiming to be professionals.  Professionals won’t diagnose or treat over the net except via virtual hospital set ups
I smoked for 52 years and I used chantix to quit. Before that I tried at least 15 or 20 times to quit. That stuff really works.
I had respiratory failure 9/19. I was really sick. Went back in Oct didnt smoke for close to 3 months. Chantix is great I've learned I can't take it I have epilepsy. I have no idea what to do. I'm on home oxygen with portable 24hrs a day. I need help quitting. Im very nervous & don't have a calm home. Always confusion with dogs & my Finance' he does alot of yelling. Help me
I understand all that. I've got COPD pretty good. Don't know the stage. I've got a ventilator for at night I'm so sick of it all. If I could quit smoking I know I'd feel better.
Hi, cigarette smoking is the leading cause of COPD. Most people who have COPD smoke or used to smoke. Quitting smoking is the most important thing you can do to actually slow down the loss of lung function. You can consider nicotine replacement therapy. Studies show that nicotine gum, lozenges, and patches improve your chances of success when you’re also in a quit-smoking program. In addition, prescription pills may help. Medicines can curb cravings and may also make smoking less satisfying if you do pick up a cigarette. Other drugs can ease withdrawal symptoms, such as depression or problems with concentration.
if nobody can stop smoking, come live with me for 1 day to see where you are headed.i smoked for 50 years and quit 4 years ago with the help of vapes.i know i still take in nicotine, but only 0.2. they are my lifeline and i never, hardly ever, want a cigarette.i get so out of breath doing the simplest of things now, like climbing my 2 little steps or washing dishes.i live each day wondering if today is the day my body can't take it anymore. that is my life and it really sucks. my name is debb and i should make some videos on my day to day living so the beginning stages who still smoke might give them incentive that my way is no way to live. peace out, debb
I was diagnosed with emphysema in my early 30s. Im 57 & stage 4 now. I can't stop coughing. I was told I cough in my sleep. It's a horrible disease
it's terrible. there os no way to reverse it, you should take drugs to relieve the symptoms caused by emphysema. besides,you could try LTOT(Long term oxygen treatment ) if your SpO2 is low.
I'm 56 and not sure what stage I'm in I do know that copd will eventually take my life. As it will with anyone who has it. Know one can tell you when everyone is different. Some will live long after stage four and some wont. The most important thing you can do is avoid getting sick. Most people die from flu and pneumonia. This is called complications from copd. Get your flu shots and pnuemonia shots these shots can save your life. I was told by my doctor herbal teas and ease your cough and it did help me especially the lemon tea. I hope this will help also watch your feet and legs if you develop a red purplish type Adema rash can be a sign the end is near. I wish you all the best of life that's possible. Live life to the fullest as long as you can that's all any of us can do. God bless
Hi, I'm a 57 yr old male who welded steel for 40 yrs. In 2013 I started treatment for COPD. In March of 2018 I developed MRSA pneumonia. I spent 16 days in the hospital then discharged and continued oral antibiotics for additional 5 weeks. Infection has cleared but not before it wrecked my lungs and have developed other pulmonary issues. My activity level went from highly active to mildly active on good days. Stress anxiety, weight loss and depression have been hard for me to control on my own. The treatment I'm currently on does very little and no one is listening. I know this isn't a comment but I'm trying to stay out of the hospital. Feels like I've been setup for failure by pulmonary Dr. Thanks for the chance to share.
Hi, Joe, thanks for your kindness to share your experience with us.You must be an excellent expert in the welded steel,right? Don't be modest. Joe Nicholson is a very cool man! Fighing with any disease is never an easy thing. It's hard but you're not alone. Cheer up! HTQ is alway here. Stay relaxed and optimistic, trust you and your doctor, and then share your diacharge date with us soon, ok?
Hello Joe, thanks for sharing your story. Medication can't cure COPD, honestly. As time goes by COPD will develop to a more severe stage. What we can do is to postpone it. First, take meds regularly, even if the meds don't cure the disease, they help manage the development. Second, do exercise regularly, eat nutritious food. I understand it feels uncomfortable during exercises, but that's necessary and in a long run you will benefit from exercises. Third, quit smoking, which I believe isn't a problem to you any more.
Hi Joe, I'd like to share the story of Wanda R. Hess to you. You can see her story in the comment area at this link. From time to time, I'm moved deeply by different lives. It is never easy for adults. Yet we've got to fight, right? https://healthtopquestions.com/how-to-cure-copd-naturally/
Hi Joe, I know exactly how you feel. I’m at stage 4 of COPD was diagnosed in 2012. It has been very hard for me to except it but it is what it is. When I was diagnosed my husband left so I was v ray alone and scared. I’m still that way today. I’ve been out of hospital now 3 weeks. Was in there 3 xs in 6 weeks. I was an average golfer, used to play 36 holes a couple days a weeks but today was the day to close that door of my life by selling my golf cart. Hurt like —— but it had to b done, I simply couldn’t play anymore. All I can say is hang in there, try to stay positive that’s the best thing to do. I haven’t been able to and I know it has hurt me.
 Your friend
Nancy.   Call anytime you n Ed to talk 254-967-2054
Hi Joe, I was diagnosed with lung cancer in March of 2018.  Prior to that I had MRSA pneumonia in 2012, didn’t realize how sick I was & went into septic shock. I was on full life support for 3 days & when I left the hospital was on oral antibiotics for 6 months.  I am 63 years old in 2 weeks.  So needless to say my lung was trashed from the MRSA!  So when I was diagnosed with lung cancer I thought for sure I’d be dead in a few months!  I was stage 4.  My oncologist & I don’t communicate well at all either so I understand problems with doctors.  I did 30 rounds of radiation & instead of chemo my dr put me on immuno therapy.  Within 3 months the tumors were gone in my lung & lymph nodes!  I’ve been doing this treatment for the past year.  Now I’m being told I have emphysema which scares me more than the cancer did! However, I know one thing for sure—positive thinking will assist in curing anything, even stuff declared incurable.  Never underestimate the power of the brain!  God bless all of us were are affected by this disease!
What do you mean set up by your dr.?
Hi Joe,
I was diagnosed with COPD & emphysema in May 2012 when my left lung had a pneumothorax (it collapsed). After being hospitalized 2 more times for the same condition, they finally chemically attached my lung to my chest wall so it wouldn’t collapse any more. Fast forward to 2013 & after being exposed to extensive mold, my right lung had a pneumothorax. So the procedure was repeated on my right lung. I began to get sick easily & had to take antibiotics & steroids every time I got the least bit sick. I had a cancer scare in 2015, when my pulmonologist saw a spot on my left lung. It turned out to be a pocket of inflammation & he did exploratory surgery to clean it out. I  recovered from all of this & went through pulmonary therapy in 2016 & was feeling great!! Then in March of 2017, after seeking antibiotics from both my pulmonologist & an urgent care facility because I felt like I was sick again, I was finally given only steroids. 2 days later I was calling the EMS because I couldn’t breathe without oxygen & my tank of oxygen was running out. I was diagnosed with pneumonia that had turned into sepsis. This knocked me back a bit more than anything else. I was hospitalized for 5 days & still felt very weak when I came home. Had to use oxygen all the time for a couple of weeks. Found a treatment a Dr in Virginia used to treat sepsis, consisting of steroids, huge doses of vitamin C, and another B vitamin. Also drank kombucha & took detox baths with vinegar, baking soda, epsom salt, & lavender essential oil. I still have to use oxygen when I exert myself, but I feel pretty great considering all I have been through!! I recently moved & got all new doctors. Other than my lung condition & having a slightly elevated cholesterol level, my PCP says I am in perfect health & it should not affect my longevity as long as I take precautions to stay away from the triggers that cause me to have exacerbations. My long function is at about 35% & has remained at that level for several years. I am very pleased with my current doctors!! They seems to understand what I am dealing with & do whatever they can to help me. Kudos to Linda above who sounds like she has had a rougher time than me with this, but still remains positive!! That makes all the difference in the world!!
Sounds like you’ve been through as much as me with this terrible disease, if not more!! Attitude is the key to recovering from any illness!! You hang in there!!  You can read my comment to Joe, which is written below:
Hello I am marion I am in the 4th stage of copd emphysema. I try to exercise daily not let the depression get to me. I get up and get moving. I am on oxygen constantly. No coughing . Spariva and nebulizer 1 to 2 times daily I am 61 quit smoking 3 years ago. Have been diagnosed for 1and a half years. What is my life expectancy?
Hello. Some report said 8.5 years for stage 3 & 4, but you're doing well managing it. The efforts will pay off.
I have been end stage for over 10 years. Diagnosed at 55 yrs in 2000. Oxygen use for 17 yrs and now use 24/7 for about 6 yrs. Quit smoking eight years before the diagnosis. Don't let anyone put an expiration date on you. Looking forward to my 74th birthday in October and will celebrate with my granddaughters that were born years after my diagnosis.
Leslie, What is your quality of life and what medicationscarevyou on
HAAAAA. Thank you thank you thank you!! For sharing the hope. I am recently diagnosed. Put on Breo and spirivia ( do not yet know what stage).and wad feeeling hopeless .Again thank you
Thank you too, for sharing. I was diagnosed with emphysema 4 days ago and put on Breo, as well.
I just turned 71 and I’m working on quitting smoking.
Will see where this road takes me.
Yes you are right to work on quitting smoking, it will make you live longer. Another tip I got from forums is: get oxygen therapy. Did you get that?
Please quit smoking. I quit 25 yrs ago and was diagnosed with cops last year and I am on oxy 24/7.
I am 78 and keeping myself positive.
Good for you. My dad was diagnosed with COPD when he's 56. He quit smoking since then. He's in his 60s now and he's doing well. I think lifestyle changes truly helped.
I'm stage 4 copd diagnosed 10 years ago.I'm 71 years old.I'm on nebulizer 3times a day. Oxygen 24 hrs . Going to the mailbox is big deal. Try to get out to our family and favorite restaurant. But truthfully it is a big deal. Tired most of the time. The Lord is my companion. So it will work out.
It's difficult but look how brave you are, I respect you for how brave you are.
I've had COPD for at least 10 years found out when I had a PE went through 5 bad years then changed attitude this sounds mean but started looking around you can always find someone worse.
 Then I had some good years in December had a stroke but very lucky back on O2 still lots of people with more problems
They say exercise for COPD well that's all fine and dandy but let's say you have spinal stenosis, degenerative disc disease pinched nerves and arthritis in your hips b and don't get around very good at all, I mean the physical is about gone. On  top of that, I also have a headache that's doesn't go away, it's been about  4 1/2 years this time it's not fun to live with. I don't get around very good. The hardest thing I've ever done in my life is to be lazy. Kinda sucks
There are some ways to alleviate your symptoms. For example, common pain medication remedies, acpuncture and anesthetics all help to alleviate the pain associated with spinal stenosis and degenerative changes. Additionally, you can get treatment for headache. You'd better make an appointment with your doctor to determine what kind of headache you have, based on which treatment could be initiated.
Hello, Im going to be 55 this month. I was diagnosed with cops in _2003. I have mixed connective tissue disorder too lupus. I was told I'd be on oxygen by I was 50. Had lung cancer and part lung cut out in 2013. Now, my lungs is so bad. I have multiple diseases with this. I'm not on oxygen yet butdrs planning on putting me on at least at night. I have faith and I'm strong women fighting all what I have. Unfortunately I am a smoker. They've tried variety of treatment too quit. Not work. My mom passed away at age 46 with this. And with difficult lupus deaseas I'm still serving and making my life enjoyable when I can. Faith and prayer is what I have.
I used to be a heavy smoker. Now I almost quit smoking. My doc told me that though I am subject to an increased possibility of lung cancer, it's still going to be a very small lifetime risk if I never smoke again. I heard that some medicines can cause lupus-like symptoms, but the symptoms disappear when you stop using the medicine. One of my friends who has lupus was another heavy smoker. She quitted smoking due to health and miscarriage. That gave her lupus.
I’m 53 and was diagnosed in 2016 with COPD after a bout of bronchitis. I was never told what stage I am in, only that it is severe.  I do not use oxygen yet but find it hard to walk up and down my stairs. As for cleaning my home, forget it.  I have to place a chair in the area I want to vacuum while wearing a mask and sit while vacuuming. I always keep my inhaler by my side but it doesn’t work,however, my Symbicort inhaler works wonders, I take too much of this drug but it’s this or no breathing.  Last week I was diagnosed with severe asthma on top of my COPD, I looked this up and found it’s a new condition called ACOS. My Pulmonary doctor told me to get rid of my sons one cat. He also told me, if I didn’t follow his recommendations that I would not make it to the hospital in time.  There’s a hospital three miles from my house.  He also told me if I didn’t make changes immediately that he would be surprised if I had two years.  That’s pretty strong language.  I have a son who leaves for college in the fall, a spouse who left me when I became ill and lost my job when my employer blew his brains out. I’m on so many medications that when I go to the pharmacy they hand me a big brown bag. Thank God for the State of Virginia and their help with my medical needs.  I can’t work, I’m not on disability and my estranged husband gives me 500.00 a month to feed my son and keep up a 2300 square foot home. My vehicle gets 13 miles per gallon, hence there’s no unnecessary driving.  In all this, I look too my Lord Jesus Christ and know that this will all be of some good to someone. I’m praying and believing. I will keep you all in my prayers also.  I believe in miracles. God bless and keep each and everyone of you.

Virginia USA