What Cause High CRP Levels?

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My CRP is 5 times higher than it should be.
Do you have other symptoms, such as fever, sore throat, etc.? Once a bacterial infection occurs, CRP levels rise, while viral infections are mostly normal. CRP will rise rapidly after various acute inflammation, tissue damage, myocardial infarction, surgical trauma, radiation injury and other diseases.
My protein in my blood is 104 doctors don't know what it is!! I don't  have cancer .lost over 40 lbs in a year ...
do you mean Serum albumin? the normal spectrum of which is 35-55g/L.
do you have any other symptoms? fever? any suspicious infection?
have you done other tests, which may indicates any thing?
How do I lower the creatine levels without doing more damage to my kidneys my kidney function is at 15% now
change eating habits. Specifically need your doctor's guidance. here is my advice.
(1) Restriction of protein Dietary protein intake is determined based on the degree of renal impairment. Those with impaired renal function do not need to strictly limit protein intake to avoid malnutrition. The supply of protein varies from period to period, from 0.3 to 0.8 g/(kg.d). The protein limit of children is preferably not less than 1.0-2.0g/(kg.d) to ensure their growth and development. Among the total amount of protein supplied daily, high-quality protein should account for more than 50%. The principle of the wheat starch diet is to replace the rice, flour and other staple foods in whole or in part with wheat starch or other starch containing very low plant protein in the daily protein limit to meet the energy needs, and to save the protein with high bio-price. Protein foods such as eggs, milk, and lean meat are added. Rice, flour and other plant proteins contain 6.8% and 9.9%, while wheat starch contains 0.3% to 0.6% of plant protein. Therefore, the wheat starch diet can supply more high-altitude animal protein and reduce low bio-price plant protein to improve The supply of essential amino acids in the diet reduces the intake of non-essential amino acids. Other starches may be derived from corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, yam, taro, glutinous rice flour, lotus root starch, and the like.
(2) Adequate supply of energy When a low-protein diet is used, energy must be supplied adequately to increase protein utilization. Generally, it can be supplied at 30 to 35 kcal/(kg.d). The energy is basically derived from starch, and a small amount is derived from rice, noodles and fat.
(3) Controlling fat intake It is beneficial to control the blood lipid level of patients, prevent arteriosclerosis and prevent glomerular sclerosis. The ratio of polyunsaturated fatty acids, monounsaturated fatty acids to saturated fatty acids in fat should be 1:1:1, and saturated fatty acids should not exceed 1/3. Vegetable oil should be used in cook
I have a sinus infection, would that off set the results of c-rp
Hello, sinusitis is also a kind of inflammation, which naturally increases the CRP value. Anti-inflammatory treatment is recommended. I wish a speedy recovery.
My  crop is 0.1 MG/DL. Good or bad?
it's Ok . why do you test your CRP? if you don't have any symptoms, no need to worry.
Would a pinched nerve in my neck set off the CRP levels of inflammation?
CRP is an acute phase protein synthesized by hepatocytes when the organism is stimulated by inflammation such as microbial invasion or tissue damage. Generally speaking, a pinched nerve in neck would not set off the CRP levels of inflammation
When I do work for a period of time, I get so sore all over I can hardly move.  Muscles, joints all hurt badly.  I am 69 years old, but have always been very strong and active.  It bothers me to hurt so badly after doing things I have done all my life.  Could the c-reactive protein be a cause?  My Mother mentioned she stopped strenuous activities in her older age due to hurting too much.  Thank you.
You need see a Rheumatologist,check out for rheumatoid arthritis,myositis,STILL diseases,Fibromyalgia. One of these disease may have caused your symptoms.
I have a CRP high sensitive of 17.32, white blood cell of 12.39, and red blood cell of 4.11 is this good???