What Causes Black Toenail?

6 Answers

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In May 2017, I had a bunion removed. After the surgery, I had a black mark on my big toe. It is slowly moving to the end of my nail
This can be Fungal infection,I think it's not related to the surgury.
You can use some anti-fungus cream/ointment.
You  should get the toenail checked by a dermatologist. Melanoma can occur under a toenail and usually it’s Underneath the big toe.
Hello. I am recovering from a total hip replacement. I have just recently noticed that most of my toe nails are turning black. I can't bend to look . Thought at first I had not cleaned well enough. Took long handled brush to them. They are clean, but dark. I also began having flaking skin on my left neck and lower jaw. Now spread to my entire face, along with bumps. Beginning to itch now. Getting close to eyes and into hair line. I also have progressed Ankylosing Spondylitis. Are these symptoms related to my auto immune disease? Please help.
The color change of your toe nails is unlikely to relevant to autoimmune diseases.
I injured my toenail through a fall a couple of months ago.  It is black from the blood underneath.  Is there anything I can do or do I just have to wait for the toenail to grow out?
The growth and metabolism of the toenail is relatively slow. If there is no pain and other discomfort feelings, I suggest you continue to observe.
my toe nails are not flat any more. what can I do?
Has the color changed? you should see a Dermatologist,whether it is fungal infection?
I don't think they should see a dermatologist, I would recommend a podiatrist, a foot specialist.
I bruised my toe and now the toenail is black and so sore I can't touch it. What do I do?
Ice press may relieve the pain a bit. No too much to do, it will gradually recover.
My toe nail is coming off..do I pull it off or will it fall off
Both nails on my big toes have turned black.No pain or swelling.Do I need to see a doctor?
yes, you should go, when they're turning black and no pain no itchy.
Melanoma can appear as black spots under nails, you'll need to get examined.
I had blackening toenails for years. They started getting black and thick, starting from pinky and finally covered all toenails on my left foot. I tried creams, all kinds - nothing worked. Lasted for at least 5 years. I hated looking at my toes. Finally, I went to Foot and Ankle clinic, they prescribed Terbinafine, I took it orally for 3 months, and all my nails now look better than ever! All fungus is gone, I feel so happy! It took 6 months to cure it completely, but it worked like a miracle.