Resting Pulse Rate by Age

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What is the normal pulse rate of a 57 yr old male
Mrs. Yarbrough, 60-100 beats per minute at rest is a normal range. If you can have 70+- beats that's the ideal.
normal heart rate is 60-100. some people may have slow heart rate, normally in athletes. if  you don't feel dizziness, faint,Syncope。 IT‘s ok. if heart rate is less than 45, you may feel dizziness, faint,Syncope。
My resting bum was always in the 60s.  I haven't been working out steadily at all for about a year.  I just had a partial fusion of the spine two months ago. My resting bum is in the 80's.  It never was that high.  When I got on the elliptical it soared to 120.  Is that okay? Will more exercise help?  I am 58.
Hi, Susanne, you can do exercise as normal people,unless  your spine surgeon tell you not to.
Hi I'm 41 and have been experiencing low pulse rates this morning after walking around inside and outside I started experiencing shortnese of breath and discomfort in my back and chest my pulse rate was 42 after about 3 minutes it jumped up to 99 then back to lower 60's my blood pressure was 122/88 I am still short of breath and my pulse rate is fluctuating between 50 and 60 at the present moment and still having the tightness should I be immediately concerned or just make an appointment with my doctor.
You should be immediately concerned.
I hope you saw a cardiologist. Right away. I had those symptoms and was able to thwart an imminent heart attack by being proactive and getting things done right away. Good luck. Its always better to be safe than sorry and a good cardiologist does not mind your continual concerns.
what is normal pulse rate for 70 year old.  not a well conditioned althlete.  Please complete your charge with more info about normal pulse rate for average lifestyle for adults NOT well conditioned athletes.
thank you
normal heart rate is 60-100 beat per minutes with a sinus rhythm.
if athletes may have a slower heart rate.
 try to have a EKG to make sure it's sinus rhythm.
I am 70 yrs old pulse rate 95.  My blood pressure a month ago ranged from 175 to 285.  Yes 285!  I was kinda tired when it reached the 200's.  Anyway, I started walking 25 minutes a day briskly almost like a power walk, and my blood pressure is now 140.  I suggest that exercising even walking briskly helps immensely as you can see.  Thank God.  It is easy and no cost.  Just get your tennies on and walk but walk fast.  Thanks for this forum enjoy reading the comments.
Hi Linda, many thanks for sharing, yes, you are right, exercise is good for our body, so is vegetable. Keep your healthy life style and best wishes!
What about seniors  over 70 years?
normal heart rate for adults is 60-100 beat per minute.
I'm a 30 yr. old female, I have been getting really dizzy, and vision goes black after standing up, and my heart rate at resting has been getting up to 124 bpm. Occasionally, I think I may be having chest pains, but then again I don't want to assume something that serious, if it's just indigestion or something along those lines.. any advice is welcomed.
check out for anemia. have a blood test.
I am 85 yrs old, battling lung cancer. The tumor is blocking & not getting rid of fluid. Am getting fluid drained . What I need to know is, at rest what is the normal pulse. Some exertion? What is too high? Thank you. Please answer
People battling lung cancer can have higher pulse due to difficulty breathing or pain, there's no guideline on the pulse. Generally around 100 is acceptable, if it goes 110-130 you have to talk to your doctor, medication depends on your heart/lung/liver condition.
Hi Mrs. Gardne, the normal pulse at rest is 60-100, if it exceeds 100, it's considered too high and may cause discomfort to you.Please let your dr. know if your pulse goes out of the range.
My heart rate stays in the 46 to 51 range.... I am not an exercise person.. and I find I tire easy... sometimes get light headed coming up a flight of stairs.... and get a fluttery feeling sometimes.... I recently bought a fitbit and during a flutter it told me to stop and breath.... is this a sign of a heart condition?
Yes, it's a sign of a heart condition, but not necessarily a serious one. When people age it happens. Take an EKG first.
My resting heart rate in bed is 49. I’m 72 and just recently started walking. I’m out of condition but started physical therapy Is 49 - 50 beats per minute good?
As long as you don't feel any symptom, like being out of breath, or fatigue, you may keep watching it out. If you take a EKG, possibly there's a conduction block, but at this moment, doctors will choose to watch it out, unless you start to feel symptoms. Of course there might be no problem at all with your EKG result, normal people can have low resting heart rate too.