Resting Pulse Rate by Age

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I’ was released from the hospital approx. 2-3 weeks ago.  They said one concern was encephalopathy. My hospital stay was 3 weeks plus 2 weeks Rehab.  I’m now home, I’m a 66 yr old female, with mostly full body osteoporosis.  I have a lot of aches, pains I. My muscles. I’m planning9n doing massage & PT to help with that. I just took my pulse/CO2 & it’s 90/100. Is that ok?
Your pulse is 90? it's Ok. Your SpO2 is 100, which is also Ok.
I am 65 years old just had a Ablation procedure for AFIB.  Is it normal when sitting pulse heart rate ranges 83-88 and when standing and sit down I take my blood pressure and pulse heart rate is in high 90’s.  Is all this normal
Hello, normal blood pressure is systolic blood pressure 90-120, diastolic blood pressure is 60-90. The heart rate is normally 60-100. Your condition is within the normal range, and your forearm should be kept at the same height as your heart when measuring your blood pressure. no need to worry. Wishing you always healthy.
My pressure was 133/77 pulse 93

Is that good or should I be concerned?
Hi Evelyn, normal blood pressure is 90/60 -140/90, as you see your reading is within the normal range. Normal pulse at rest is 60-100, yours is also normal. However, if you manage to lower your pulse to 80-85 you surely will live longer. A heart beats 2.5 billion times in a life, when the heart beats slower each minute, it can work for more years.
My blood pressure seemes to register in normal ranges most of the time. But my heart rate read always over 133. I am 67 yrs old and weigh about 98 pounds. I usually swim a mile a day indoors and walk about 4  miles a day indoors or out depending on weather.
Should I worry about that heart rate?  I had congestive heart failure last Feb but supposedly came back to a 55 percent heart function  (FROM 65 percent down to 10 the back to 50),
H9pe I can find your find responses since at my age I am  not very computer or tech savvy.I
Hello, your blood pressure in the normal range, don't worry. Your heart rate should really be worried. In this case, you should go to a nearby hospital to do an electrocardiogram to determine which kind of arrhythmia. If it is not convenient to go to the hospital, there is no bronchitis or asthma symptoms, it is recommended to take oral metoprolol, one tablet a day, so that the heart rate drops below 100. It is not recommended to continue to do high physical activity such as swimming. Walking can be done. Wishing for health.
Am having a CT Angiogram with contrast soon. Diagnosis for this test diminishing pulse rate. What is normal for a 78 year female?
I am 78 and my resting is 68
60-100. When people are in deep sleeping, the heart rate may drop to 50 but when they wake up the pulse should go up to 60+.
CT Angiogram with contrast - the target heart rate is 50-70. The target heart rate is irrelevant to age, if the pulse is higher than 70, patients will be given medication. If the pulse is lower than 50, the scan shouldn't been processed.
76 year old female with afib
With AFib, your heart beat might be unstable, and sometimes it can be very fast. If it's continuously over 100 you can get medication, beta-blocker is commonly used to manage the heart beat. Manage it within 70-100 a minute, you can physically feel better.
I have copd in stages 3 and 4. My pulse rate is 65. My copd is severe right now been on press one 60 days but I can only do a small task then loose breath on oxygen 24/7 start sweating horribly looks like I came out of shower I am exhausted but breathing better than last week
Hi Ms. Barbara, oxygen therapy is still be best.
What is the cause of high pulse? My pulse is 80. I am 62 year old female . My BP is 100 over 50?
Hello Victoria, 80 is a normal rate for pulse, it's a bit over the average of females. You BP 100/50, the top number is normal, the bottom number is lower than normal, however if you don't feel dizzy that's generally fine. Taking your pulse and BP together I'll bet you're not a fan to physical exercises but at a normal body weight. If I'm right, doing more physical exercise is my suggestion to you. You'll benefit from regular exercises.
My heart rate was 210 during Rest according to my watch. I did feel strange after like I felt different. Is this normal?
Hello there, would you mind putting your fingers on your pulse point to count your pulse? 210 BPM is way too fast, the upper limit of BPM for any human being is 220. If your watch was right, the fast heart beat comes and goes all of a sudden, you may have supraventricular tachycardia, and you have to get medical support on this. It's a serious arrhythmia.
What is a normal heart rate what is a normal heart rate
Hi. The normal range is 60 to 100 beats per minute. If you are an athlete or exercise a lot, the number can be close to 60, but still in the range.
What is the normal pulse rate for women 76 yrs ?
My pulse rate is 60 and I’m waiting for a new liver transplant. Is this good rate for a 60 year old female? haven’t exercised for two weeks I’ll but I need to get strength back.