Can You List Any Conditions Associated with Dizziness and Loss of Balance?

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My dizziness and off balance are only first thing in the morning when I go to get out of bed
how old are you?
how is your blood pressure?the Elderly have serious arteriosclerosis, easily lead to orthostatic hypotension. you should try to get up slowly. first ,sit up a few minutes and then stand up slowly with holding to wall.
My husband fell and I got him back to bed but he can’t get up again to stand even reaching for a object his hand eye coordination is off
go to hospital ASAP, he may have stroke.
I fall asleep very easy even when standing, when trying to walk I am wobbly. I stumble over my own feey. Amen
Do you sleep well at night? I also fell asleep easy at day with all the dizziness and blurry vision when I slept less than 6 hours a day.
@Ms. Miles, it's abnormal, you seem to be sleepy all the time indeed your brain might be short of oxygen, and that's a bad condition. I'll recommend you see a doctor, confirm that, and find the cause.
wobbly, feel "out of it"
just started yesterday afternoon. i'm on blood pressure medication. never felt like this before.
It may be that your blood pressure dropped significantly after you took the drugs. If the symptom persists, you should see a cardiologist to tailor your anti-hypertensive medication.
I see a lot of answers with high blood pressure however have you ever given a though to Vertigo?  This also causes you to be off balance, wobbly and very dizzy, depending on the degree of the severity of the condition.  It struck me like a ton of bricks one morning and it was a couple of weeks before I could walk without assistance.  It has to do with crystals in your ears.