What is a microalbumin creatinine ratio

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My urine is foamy and sometimes frothy what does this mean
Under normal circumstances, the foam in the urine will quickly dissipate. When the composition of the urine changes, such as protein, glucose and other organic substances, the surface tension of the urine will increase, thus forming more bubbles that are not easy to dissipate, which is what we call proteinuria.

It is important to know that protein is the basic substance that makes up the human body. About 95% of the protein is reabsorbed by the kidneys, so the normal urine protein content is very low.

But if you really find that the bubbles in the urine don't linger for a long time, don't panic, because even proteinuria has a physiological proteinuria that is short-lived and mild.

This type of proteinuria is usually transient. It usually occurs after strenuous exercise, big fish, big meat, big drink, fever, and nervousness. It is a normal phenomenon. Resting and adjusting the diet will disappear.
Hi my micro albumin is 301.2 mg/l....reference range ...lt 20 mg/l....how bad is this?
Hello, when the amount of microalbuminuria in urine exceeds 200mg/L, it should be furthered checked. At this time, it has been proved that a large amount of albumin has leaked out of patients with kidney disease, and hypoproteinemia may occur. If left untreated, it will enter the uremia period. Next move for you is to see a urologist.