What Are the Symptoms of Gout?

2 Answers

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I haven't had sympton's for years.
My big toe who hurt so bad I had take my shoes off. I did use allopurinol.
Be careful about your diet,just as the doctor tell you. you should see a doctor, multiple drugs could be your choice to relieve the symptoms.like Colchicine. spectific choice should be made by a professional. see your doctor.
I was diagnosed with gout but I don't have any of the symptoms of gout my feet are numb and is hard for me to walk in  the mornings but they do not  stop me from walking I don't have knots on the bottom of feet  and they aren't red and sore, they are swollen and so are my legs and it is only in one of my legs that swell worse than the other one. could I have  something else besides gout?
Have you been diagnosed with kidney disease, liver disease or heart disease? I suggest you complete the following checks first:
1. Determination of total plasma protein and albumin
2. Urine test and renal function test
3. Determination of red blood cell count and hemoglobin content
4. Calculate the daily intake and discharge of water and sodium salts
Because of the many causes of edema, the treatment of edema caused by each cause is different, and there is no unified treatment. But the fundamental principle is: symptomatic treatment according to the cause. For example: treating the cause, eliminating edema, and maintaining vital signs. Therefore,  you need have a clear diagnosis first.