How to Treat Cellulitis at Home?

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My husband's cellulitis is due to a repaired knee replacement that he had on the 26th.
At 2 PM today..the bandage seemed to be full of blood n liquid. He saw his local Dr and he said he had cellulitis. He's on augmentin.
His leg is super swollen.
The surgery and the long-time bed rest limited the blood flow. That's why. Usually lifting the leg can relieve the swelling, this depends on his knee condition of course. His doctor must have given antibiotics, you may give him fresh vegetables and fruits every day, always keep him hydrated. These measures help with the blood flow.
How do I treat my cellulitis wound after leaving the hospital
Have you been sufficiently treated at the hospital? The main treatment is antibiotics. Moreover, you should keep the wound clean to prevent a secondary infection. Lift your legs to reduce the swelling.