What Are the Signs of High Potassium?

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What are the treatment for high potassium
you may have impaired kidney function? or other reason?  you should treat the reason causing high potassium.
you should be careful about the food containing high potassium. certain drugs could help.like:Sodium Polystrene Sulfonate。
the most effective way is to do dialysis.
I had a fib because of low potassium  my a fib under control now. I’m on 20meq potassium, 2 tabs daily. I forgot to take it for quite sometime I started it again and have been extra tired, upset stomach, lack of appetite. Should I be concerned?
you should go to a hospital and have a blood test for potassium.
Help my potassium levels are at 5.9 mLa/L
I am 65 yrs old I love  life!!!!  And I need to know what I can eat!!
Dear, common low-potassium foods include onions, melons, cucumbers, tofu, Chinese cabbage, green beans, loofah, eggplant cabbage, kale, etc. These can be eaten more. In addition, common foods rich in potassium ions are oranges, spinach, bananas, etc., try to eat as little as possible. If the potassium ion exceeds 6.5, it is recommended to go to the hospital for dialysis treatment.
Avocados, bananas, greens esp spinach, sweet potatoes.. all high in potassium. E joy!
I have had several kidney infection in the last couple of months.  I was hospitalized with sepsis, renal failure and acute renal failure.  A recent MRI showed that have small cysts on both of my kidneys and ultra sound showed that I have blockage to a blood vessel going to my kidneys.  I recently had a blood test that showed I had high potasium.  My dr said it was probably a false reading and ordered another test.  Should be concerned?   Should I tell the dr that I think there is something's my wrong with my kidneys?  I've never had burning when peeing and I do not run a fever.  My urine smells and I eat one meal then I am naucious the rest if they day.  And I have diarrhea.  I am also type 2 diabetic.  Wish someone would tell me something!!!
Hi,  first consider the possibility of excessive intake, so you may write down a day's diet, calculate your potassium intake for the day.  Second, have you ever done hemodialysis?  Third, if there is an internal fistula in hemodialysis, observe whether the two needles hit the same vessel during hemodialysis. If so, there may be repeated circulation. You can try two needles to hit two hands or one needle to hit the foot respectively. If it's the catheter, you can consider trying to replace the catheter.
Polycythemia vera can lead to false hyperkalemia. In patients with polycythemia vera, a large amount of potassium ions are released after blood collection due to blood coagulation, destruction of white blood cells, platelets and red blood cells, resulting in serum hyperkalemia!
Is erythrocyte elevated in blood routine?
Is blood gas abnormal?
If there is no hyperkalemia in clinical and electrocardiogram, the difference between plasma potassium and serum potassium is more than 0.5 mol/l, then pseudo hyperkalemia can be diagnosed.
You should tell your doctor about your kidney function. Elevated blood potassium is a very dangerous thing. I hope you will pay attention to it.
I am diebetic, so therefore to protect my kidney must take a blood pressure med. My blood pressure has always been normal. I have a high protein excretion in the urin. Recently my blood pressure med was changed to one including potassium. My potassium is and always been normal. I have concerns for too much potassium. My blood pressure has risen, muscle weakness and so tired all the time. Primary care raised the dose from 50 mg to 100 mg,  30 days later. Now ,5 months later I complain to my diebetic care and he only lowered to 75 mg. I can barely walk. I feel like this us killing me. I also take magnesium and vitamin b12. What should I do? I want to go back to taking a Med withou potassium
I guess the blood pressure med is ARB, which is helpful for your protein excretion in the urine. Since your blood pressure is normal , it's ok to have  blood pressure med. Doctor give you potassium, I would assume your doctor thinks your potassium is low rather than high, which can cause muscle weakness and fatigue. But your blood pressure is rising, so you should see your doctor and test serum sugar,potassium, magnesium and vitamin b12 level, see how they come out and if you need to take them any longer. If you feel terrible, you should go to the ER ASAP.
I took 2 99mg potassium for leg cramps last night, I suspect it kept me awake all night. Not sure if its the potassium or not.
When I hit the kind of leg cramps that pull my feet toes down and back under and I have to get a hold of my toes and pull them back to relieve the cramp I have found that eating a medium to small-sized raw potato takes my cramps away immediately especially if I've drank the Cola soda pop during the day or drink in abundance of water it tends to flush out my potassium magnesium electrolyte type stuff and for some reason the raw potato helps me right away now my doctor just shakes his head when I tell him that but if I take a diuretic this also relieves my cramps from that there are some cramps that it doesn't relieve but the ones that pull my toes down and back under and hurt so bad the kind that for me are relieved with a raw potato. If you don't particularly like try a little salt with it and show them really well I feel certain that the minerals are in the fluid so the more it should you chew it down so the water is released in your mouth the faster it works but by the time I have eaten the potato my cramps
Weird, potassium deficiency makes people sleepless, not vice versa.
My Potassium [s to high, what foods should I not eat.
Foods high in potassium include banana, papaya, prune, raisin, mango, orange, melon, pear, potato, sweet potato, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, avocado, broccoli, bean, milk, seeds, turkey, beat, peanut, yogurt. Have you checked with your dr. though? Since diet can't fully correct high potassium, you'll need to have the cause of high potassium identified.
Is it caused by medications?
My 9 month old grandson is in hospital from Herchsprung disease surgery and his potassium levels is at 6.9, they just did a EKG, what does this mean
Hello Mrs. Mills, potassium over 6 is a serious condition and needs immediate treatment. I hope your grandson is now recovering well. Pray for him.