What Are the Causes of Sudden Double Vision?

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Sometimes I see the outline of the tree above the tree line
how old are you ?
do you have other symptoms?
58yrs of age and I also have migraine headaches with stomach discomfort.
Hi Jose, migraine can lead to double vision, when you have double vision and migraine you can feel nausea and upset stomach. However, before saying so I think you still need to get MRI on brain just to make sure nothing abnormal with your brain. Then it must be the migraine.
I was sitting in car looking at my phone when things got blurry,  when I looked away I saw double of everything. .when I shut one eye I could see  ok  but when I opened the other eye it was double again, ..lasted about 10 minutes. .....
how old are you ?
 do you have hypertension? do you have heart problems? go to a doctor  and check out. it can be dangerous to drive  when you have double vision.
What causes double vision?
What was it that's the same problem am having driving had to cover left eye to see to drive
I wear contact lens for both eyes, once I lost one of them and I had to go to work with only one len in one of eye. That's when I felt I couldn't see clearly unless I cover the one without len. So I think you might have abnormal eyesight with your left eye, or you may try to cover the right one, and see with only the left one, you'll know if you can vision normally with the left eye only.
Possible causes have been listed at https://qa.healthtopquestions.com/47888/what-causes-double-vision, just a click away.
Has anybody can see out eyes one at a time but when you look out both its dubble vision
Nerve or muscle damage in the eye might cause double vision.

Other conditions can cause double vision include:
Thyroid dysfunction
Stroke or transient ischemic attack (TIA)
Convergence insufficiency
Myasthenia gravis
Brain tumors and cancers
Multiple sclerosis
Black eye
Head injury
I can see the objects clearly just with my left eye. But I have double vision with my both eyes. What I see seems to be split into two, and the copied one shifts slightly. My doctor told me it is caused by monocular diplopia, proved to be triggered by cataract. He also suggests a cataract surgery. But I am scared, is the surgery safe? Anyone has done it? Help~
Surgery is easy.  About 5 min....you feel nothing. Eyesight is 20/25 now.  I am 79.
Yes, I have double vision in left eye my right eye is fine. I've had 4 refractions and somehow the double vision is still there although it improves intermittingly. Could it be that the wrong measurements were taken when the implant was ordered?
check out with the doctor who gives you implantation. maybe sth is not ok, maybe it's a normal process after implantation.
I got double vision this past December.  It scared me because I was driving on the highway when it affected me.  My friend drove me to my Opthalmologist, after his checking/tests he sent me to my primary dr. because I had a common cold. She in turn sent me to a neurologist. This one put me in the hospital for all kinds of testing, multiple MRIs, labs and spinal tap. All came back clear.  So I was sent to a NeuroOpthalmogist, who placed cloudy scotch tape over one lense of my glasses and said it was diabetic pulsey. And return for three weeks appt checkup. ??? I am still seeing double and have lost my part time job, I drive for a living. What's  next?
Is it one eye or two eyes? Do you have diabetes? About how long? Is blood sugar control good? ‘Diabetic pulsey’ is diabetic retinopathy? If vision loss is significant, surgery may be needed.
no sugery get some eyeglasses to correct that stigma
My vision problems started a couple days ago. It started mostly with eye strain. The best description would be the muscles that move my eyes felt tired as if I worked out a ton. Then it was getting hard to focus so if I blinked more or gave one good blink and then stared it came into focus better. Now it feels like I'm getting double vision.
Has the visual acuity decreased significantly? Is it on one side or both sides? Take local hot compress, if the symptoms are not relieved, I suggest you go to the hospital for further examination.
Asking information for brother.  He is 67.  Has diabetes and heart problems.  The last couple days he has experienced pressure over his right eye along with double vision if he looks long distance but can ser up close ok. He says it feels like something is in his eye but cant see anything in it.  He tried driving hut it was bad .  He was all over the road.  He lives by himself and no one to help him.  Is this serious?
Depending on the object, the two eyes are not synchronized and cannot be imaged at the same point. Generally for extraocular muscle paralysis. Sudden onset, dizziness, considering vascular disease, the possibility of posterior circulation ischemia, it is recommended to review the brain MRI, to DWI and ADC image. Pay attention to the small brain lesions.
I'm a thirty yr old man and have been having this problem a lot lately dose age make a difference
Dear, you are very young. The general dose of medicine has a lot to do with weight and has little to do with age. I wish you health.
woke up this morning with double visiion lasted about 20 minutes i am on a high dose of prednisone 60 mg now on 40mg nent 20 etc could this be cause no other symptons
I think you should see a eye doctor ,see if there is any problem ,like glaucoma.
how long you have taken the drugs? Is there a time correlation between the two?
Have had double vision on and off everyday for about 4 months now sometimes last 4 hrs in day dissapears then comes back around 6 last all night , today it hasnt cleared yet
Hey, if you don't have other symptoms, I guess you may have the  double vision caused by something in your brain that oppresses the optic nerve. If you have a history of hypertension or a history of diabetes or smoking history, you are more likely to have cerebral infarction or cerebral hemorrhage. It is recommended to go to the hospital immediately to check the head CT.
I think you'll need an MRI on the head.
Diplopia has a diverse range of ophthalmologic, infectious, autoimmune, neurological, and neoplastic causes.
Abscess;Anisometropia;Antipsychotics (Haloperidol, Fluphenazine, Chlorpromazine etc.);Botulism;Brain tumor;Cannabis;Cancer;Damaged third, fourth, or sixth cranial nerves, which control eye movements;Cataract;Diabetes;Drunkenness;
Fluoroquinolone antibiotics;Graves disease;Guillain–Barré syndrome;Keratoconus;
Lyme Disease;Migraine headaches;Multiple sclerosis;Myasthenia gravis;Opioids
;Orbital myositis;Trauma;Salicylism;Sinusitis;Strabismus;Wernicke's syndrome,etc.
Diplopia is diagnosed mainly by information from the patient. Doctors may use blood tests, physical exams, computed tomography (CT) or magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to find the underlying cause.
you should see a Neurologists and ophthalmologists.
My vision is good when I first wake up in  the morning for about 1 to 1 1/2 hours.   Then when I put on my special glasses it takes about  30 to 3/4 hours to clear up.  That means I can't drive for about 2 to 2/1/2 hours.  Later in the day most of the day I could thread a needle and my  distant vision is very good.
Hello, what glasses are you bringing? Why wear glasses? After taking the glasses,  vision is reduced, which may be a problem with glasses.