White Blood Cell Count - Normal, High, Low

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I have had chronic low white blood count now 14 mos.I finally got to see a hematologist he has been checking my blood every 2 weeks I go this Friday for the 3rd set of bloodwork it 3.6 , 4.0, 3.3 so hes gonna decide in Feb. Whether to do a bone marrow biopsy. Is that painful to have? How do you do it?
Local anesthesia by Lidocaine will be given before the purcedure.
it's easy, don't worry too much.
I have had a bone marrow biopsy with local anesthesia. It hurts like you would not believe
I just had a home marrow aspiration procedure 2 months ago. It was not
painful at all .  ( From beginning to end ). It was the Fentynal that I red before the procedure that effected me the most .  It kept me wanting to sleep the entire weekend. In no way was my  experience painful at all . Hope this helps.....
High white blood count for five years not sick
Congratulations on your absence of symptoms for five years, but be careful. Have you really seen a doctor at the hospital? Are you sure there is no problem?
I as well have had high white blood cell count
But it's new
I just found out I have high white blood cells and I am worried
High white blood cell counts are considered normal in certain situations:
Pregnancy in the final month and labor may be associated with increased WBC levels.
Spleen removal could grant persistent mild to moderate increased WBC count.
Too much smoking could also cause an increased WBC count.

The WBC count tends to be lower in the morning and higher in the late afternoon and they are age-related.

An elevated white blood cell count always signifies your immune system is working harder than usual. This could happen simply because your body is preparing for pregnancy, or it could be your body’s response to a seasonal allergy, cold or flu, or even strenuous exercise and emotional stress.

Your body is a very complex machine and when something is out of the ordinary it responds with something as simple as elevating white blood cell count. In very simplified language, your body’s immune system signals white blood cells – I am under stress, I need you to protect me better. And white blood cells start multiplying.

White blood cells are the ones that also help in the production, transportation, and distribution of antibodies in order to build and protect your body’s immune system. This is why white blood cell analysis is a good indicator that something is happening within your body – this could be as serious as HIV or leukemia, or a perfectly normal response to pregnancy or a cold.  

However, high white blood cell counts could also trigger a serious disease if they naturally rise after an illness. Tell your doctor what happened, and he will give you further advice.
hi this is Ron again my high white blood count for 5 years has range from 12 to the highest of 16 I have a oncologist hematologist I see twice per year not ready to do a bone marrow test yet what do you think
Hello, the increase of the total number of white blood cells is a matter of great concern, which has both physiological and pathological factors. We need not worry about the temporary increase caused by physiological factors, but we must not ignore the pathological increase. Weren't you all in good health when you had your first check-up? Examination results after strenuous exercise are higher. In addition, pyogenic bacterial inflammation, uremia, leukemia, tissue damage, surgical trauma and so on will also increase. Before you decide to have a bone marrow test, you need to further exclude some of the physiological and pathological factors.
So what how ...
does one proceed
Got my blood tested about a month ago. My white blood count was in the 3000 mark. My doctor had me take another test about 1 1/2 weeks ago and it dropped in the 2000. She said she ran a cancer screening and all came back negative but she's sending me to a cancer center for a hemoglobin test. I've been off of work for about 4 months now because I had surgery on my right knee and wrist. After my last surgery, a couple of months ago is when I started feeling tired all the time. Any input on why my white blood count is dropping fast and what could be going on? It's hard now because I've always been energetic and on the go. I just want to get back to myself because I have 2 beautiful young girls.
Why did you have the surgery? Did your doctor explain to you? Is the surgery related to your WBC? I am not sure what's happened, if the value is still dropping, you should see a Hematologist.
My white counts always high and I get sick like if I have the flu or a cold all winter long what can I do I’m tired of being sick I’m a diabetic
If your white blood cell count is continuously higher than normal and you've been sick for a long time, you might have infection from bacteria and you'll need antibiotic to kill the germs. You need to see a doctor and get medication, it'll clear your problem.
My white blood count has been low for 6 months I feel tired in late evening I've been having hot flashes what could be the cause of it being low
It's been 6 months, then viral infection is less likely. Weak immunity function, or cancer can both cause low white blood cell count. You'll need to take further tests, recommend to go for the test.