Red Blood Cell Count - Normal, High, Low

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My red blood cell value was 5.16.  Is this considered high?  I am a 65 year old woman
How is your HB(Hemoglobin),if it's normal , I think you shouldn't worry.
I have blood work done every 6 to 8 weeks my rheumatologist orders it. However she's been keeping an eye on my liver? I have type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and RA. This time my RBC was 5.33, homaglobin 16.0, hematocrit 48.9 with low platelets at 77. What might it be? I am also scheduled to see a bariatric doctor next month. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
I think you are under good hands. you just bring the results of tests to your doctors. why don't you ask your doctors,who you have paid about the questions .
you test is OK, no need to worry.
I got back a test from fluid drawn from my knee and it says Nucleated Cells , Synovial Fluid high 345 Hazy Abnormal the fluid was drawn to see if I had Lyme ( B. burgdorferi ) PCR. It was negative and it was positive for the stuff I wrote at first but , don’t know what it is I’d like to know what I have please help me out. Pamela Robinson 615-939-8148
High nucleated cells means there's inflammation in the knee joint. Negative Lyme means the knee problem isn't linked to Lyme disease.
Yes my Dr.  Said I have low red blood cells n their going down fast what could this mean?
Low red blood cells means you have anemia. Going down fast means your anemia is getting more and more severe. It could be caused by many conditions, such as bone marrow aplasia or parvovrirus B19 infection or other conditions