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I just had a blood test.  Following are the result.

Hematocrit 53.8, MCV 109.9, MCH 37.4, RDW 15.9, Platelet Count 12.8, Monocytes 14.5, Basophils 2.5.
Could you tell me if I have to worry about anything.
do you have any symptoms and signs ?
if nothing,  you shouldn't worry.
What symptoms would I get
RDW-14.6 Neutrophils 64.7 MCH-30.50 MCV-93.5 HCT-42.9 WBC-9.06 ABS-Neutrophils 5.86 ABSOLUTE EOS 0.34 do I have anything to worry about
Your RDW are higher than normal. The normal RDW range is from 11 to 14 per cent. The optimum RDW value is considered as 13 per cent. A high RDW test means that red blood cells vary widely in size. Abnormal cell widths are often associated with anemia, liver disease and folate deficiency.

I don't know what your eosinophil unit is. According to the Merck Manual, a value of 1 to 4 percent eosinophils is considered a normal relative range and 50 to 400 eosinophils per cubic millimeter of blood represents a normal absolute range. Eosinophils are a component of the immune system and can be elevated in patients with parasitic infections, fungal diseases, allergies, adrenal illnesses, skin disorders, toxin exposure, autoimmune disease, endocrine disorders and tumors. Low levels of absolute eosinophils are caused by either alcohol intoxication or the over production of certain specific steroids in the body, such as cortisol. The rest are normal.
I really didn’t get any information from this page at all can you e mail me with something that would?
why not leave your question here? Someone might answer it sometime. I got mine answered.
I did t get an answer either,i wanted to know what is  MCV?

You might be able to get useful info from this page.
what's mcv
MCV stands for mean corpuscular volume, it means the average size of your red blood cells. Red blood cells carry oxygen, when the size is too small or too large, it could be a blood disorder, like anemia or some other conditions.