What Is ALT?

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My alt is 64. How bad is that?
I do have a fatty liver but I think
my counts are higher
it's not that bad. the normal Maximum limit is 40. your ALT just a little above it. you can take some drug or just recheck regularly to make sure it's not going up.
it's not that bad. the normal Maximum limit is 40. your ALT just a little above it. you can take some drug or just recheck regularly to make sure it's not going up.
My alt is 94... How bad is it
My alt is 61 what does that
It's above 40. IT means your liver is under damage.
Is an ALT of 218 bad?
My alt is 94... How bad is it
It means you have liver damage, the cause of damage seems unknown. So it's necessary to take an ultrasound on the liver, see if you have fatty liver or scarring liver. Find the cause so that your doctor can give you advice and treatment.
I have had elevated liver enzymes for approx. 10 years.  After 2 biopsies , no obvious diagnoses were made.  My grandfather died of lanneccs Cirrhosis of the liver in 1959.  Could my condition be related to his, even though I don’t drink?
Laennec's cirrhosis a type of cirrhosis of the liver characterized by a nodular appearance of the liver surface, associated with alcoholism.
 Laennec's cirrhosis can be associated with inflammatory polyarthritis, most commonly affecting the shoulders, elbows and knees. Osteoporosis, soft tissue swelling in peripheral joints and sometimes calcific periathritis are seen.

In the developed world, Laennec's cirrhosis most commonly affects middle-aged males, typically ages 40–60. This is the most common form of cirrhosis in the U.S. Chronic alcoholism can cause Laennec's cirrhosis.

In areas of the world afflicted with chronic starvation (Africa and Asia), the children are most commonly afflicted.

Severe protein deficiency can cause Laennec's cirrhosis. Two causes have been identified. The first is malnutrition, or, more specifically, protein deprivation. This is seen in starving children who have insufficient supplies of protein and therefore manufacture insufficient amounts of lipoproteins. They develop fatty livers: it is presumed that if they survive, cirrhosis will develop.

Chronic alcoholism can cause Laennec's cirrhosis. Whether or not alcohol alone can produce fatty nutritional cirrhosis has been debated for decades. Current evidence is that it can. If so, the condition should be renamed "alcoholic cirrhosis". Those who do not subscribe to the "alcohol-as-a-poison" school state that the changes to be described are the result of malnutrition common to alcoholics. They argue that alcoholics, in a sense, are no different from those in a state of chronic protein deprivation — both have protein deprivations.
no evidence prove it's Genetic disease.
My ALT is 8  ??
it's normol when it's bewtween 0-40U/L.
Had Hep C. but last 3 tests show undetected after medication, which was completed within last 2 weeks.. Before and during treatment my ALT was okay. It is now 30 which, by my lab's standards is high. Is this normal for ALT to increase after Hep C basically cured?
how long have you taken the drugs? there is a certain Treatment period.
you should take drugs as the doctor told you. 30 is normal for ALT.
Does an extended stomach. Swelling throughout yor body have anything to do with your ALT.
I am not sure about your situation. High evel of  ALT means liver damage. Liver  problem may shows discomfort in the stomach. IF your ALT is high, you should see a doctor and do test to find out.