What Is the AST Blood Test?

12 Answers

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My ast is 51. How bad is that
it's not that bad. the normal Maximum limit is 40. your ALT just a little above it. you can take some drug or just recheck regularly to make sure it's not going up.
2.46 kidney level normal?
what does 2.46 stand for?
2.46 for which indicator and what is the measurement unit? Did the nurse tell you?
My sgot/ ast are 12 what does that mean and what do I need to do to Fixs it
12U/L is a normal level, you don't need to to anything.  your liver function is ok.
My ast is 122?
it's above the normal level. it means liver damage. you should go to the hospital to find out the reason.
My liver enzymes are up and down all the time and varies from month to month. I have chronic pancreatitis.  My ast and alt are usually elavated some last month it was 110 and 400
are you t9aking drugs cause abnormal liver function ? have you do screen test for hepatitis (HBV or HCV)? you should go to see a doctor,excluding these factors and take medication.
I am 63 and my AST and ALT have been 50 and 80 respectively for over 10 years.  I quit drinking alcohol 6 yrs ago and work out daily (still lightly overweight).  I do not take pain medicine.  I don't have any of the symptoms.  I go to the dr annually.  Is there anything I should do?
I guess your doctor have excluded other common disease cause AST/ALT rise, like viral hepatitis , autoimmune hepatitis and others . you just go to the dr annually.
My liver SGOT/AST has been slightly elevated for several years my latest they tell me is improving. Number is 66. But nobody tells me what any if this means. The only thing I've notably changed is my protein intake. I drink a beer now and then. I'm 59 years old.
Dear, don't worry, it usually makes sense for AST to be 2 to 3 times higher than normal. Your level does not explain any problems. But if you continue to drink, AST may continue to rise, and you may get sick by then, so I suggest you drink less.
my AST is 67 is that bad?
it's a little high. if the ALT is  ok,don't worry too much. Besides, have you take drugs can lead to this? have a blood test to check out HBV and HCV. If no HBV and HCV, it's ok. check out AST 3 months later.
My alt is 114 and my ast is 71, what does this mean?
It means your liver has been impaired. you should see a doctor and find out the cause of this.
In December my AST/SGOT was 954 and my ALT/SGPT was 211. I was told I have cirrhosis of the liver but most likely not due to medications or alcohol. I just turned 39 and I’ve never been a drinker, however I have been on various medications for health issues. How common is it caused by a congenital condition?
there is a small chance of congenital condition,such as hemochromatosis and Wilson's disease, primary biliary cirrhosis( intrahepatic cholestasis). have you tested hepatitis virus infection. it is also a common cause for cirrhosis .