What Are Flat Stomach Foods?

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What type of foods & drinks? Just fruits, veggies and whole grains?
what do you mean by flat stomach food? low-energy food contains vegetables and friuts, and high-quality peotein, no sugar or drink contains sugar, no fat.
its been 2 months & I still have some swelling so I been doing what iwas told to wear my shape wear & my garnament so what I need to do
May I ask which part of your body swells? Is it just abdominal swelling or overall swelling or lower leg swelling?

I guess you mean lower leg swelling. It shares many causes with swelling in other sites, such as those caused by liver failure, heart failure, kidney problems, menopause, etc.
You should first see a doctor and find out what caused the swelling.
What are foods to eat to flatten belly
It's very hard, I've been struggling for years. I'm almost a vegetarian, I still got belly fat when I turned into 40s. A few things helped. Wheat grass, I take one spoon each day. Psyllium works similar to wheat grass. Eat mainly non-starchy vegetables and protein, less carbo, that also helps. Drink a lot of green tea, no sugary drinks. Cutting suguary drinks off doesn't help me lose much weight, however if I add them back I'll gain more fat in a short time. So, that still count.
Do you mean you want to lose weight? Vegetables and fruit can help you.