Basic Information of Mycobacterium Haemophilum

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Can you tell me a bit about Mycobacterium Chelonse ?  I have this bacteria in my chin and my dr said there isn’t much known,  but I want to find out syntax ms snd treatment
Hello, mycobacteria are divided into Mycobacterium tuberculosis and non-tuberculous mycobacteria. First you have to determine which bacterial infection it is. Treatment of infections due to M. abscessus consists of draining collections of pus or removing the infected tissue and administering the appropriate combination of antibiotics for a prolonged period of time. Infection with this bacterium usually does not improve with the usual antibiotics used to treat skin infections. Testing the bacteria against different antibiotics is helpful in guiding doctors to the most appropriate treatment for each patient. A combination of antibiotics is necessary in order to clear the infection after the bacterium type is confirmed. Another thing you may need to know is the transmission and prevention. Infection with M. abscessus is usually caused by injections of substances contaminated with the bacterium or through invasive medical procedures employing contaminated equipment or material. Infection can also occur after accidental injury where the wound is contaminated by soil. There is very little risk of transmission from person to person. You may try to think about if you've had any wound or injection that may have caused the infection. Always avoid receiving procedures or injections by unlicensed persons.