Liver Panel - Normal, High, Low

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My husband has been tested for hep C n it was positive n stage 4 cirrhosis  but with no swelling  or yellowing of the skin what should be  I think yes it is bad or can it be reversible
it's bad. there is no way to reverse  cirrhosis. the best way is to prevent from worsening.   listen to the doctor and Adhere to regular treatment.
I haven't been diagnosed with nothing. But I have been told by my doctor to stop drinking... My ast was96 and my alt was90.. I stopped drinking a week ago, will my liver enzymes go back to normal? And if so, how long does it take?
I am not sure about how long it takes, but there's a chance it could go back to normal. Recheck liver enzyme in a month,if it's still high, drugs could help.
My alt was 673Iu/l and my ast was 376Iu/lw/
L when I went to urgent care for my ulcer. Can these numbers be reversed?
It depends on the cause of increasing ALT/AST. Ulcer doesn't present increasing alt/ast. Hepatitis, side-effect of drugs, auto-immune hepatitis, alcoholic cirrhosis,these are the items to check upon. If you need tests of those you'll need to consult a local doctor.