The Related Information About Soft Tissue Sarcoma

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If you are told you have cysts but Dr doesn't suggest removing them from my knee and the pain in my hip is getting worse. Can't the Dr test this or should I not be concerned?
Maybe the pain is not caused by the cyst, therefore the DR doesn't suggest removing them. Usually , the cyst doesn't cause pain .If you can't stand the pain ,you should discuss the pain with the DR.
I discovered 4 lumps on my inner upper thigh each about the size of a pea, Two of them are connected. The skin around where these are located seems to be more supple than the thigh fleshl already can be.
I do believe I have a hernia on my left side of the groin area and possibly same on the right, Is It possible what I am feeling on the right thigh?
Please tell me your gender, age and underlying illness next time. An organ or tissue in the human body leaves its normal anatomical location, and becomes a sputum by entering a weak point, defect or pore formed by congenital or acquired. Common sputum has umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia, oblique hernia, incisional hernia, recurrence of surgery, white sputum, femoral hernia and so on. Abdominal wall spasm due to cough, sneezing, excessive force, abdominal obesity, forced bowel movements, pregnancy, excessive child crying, degeneration of abdominal wall strength, etc. caused by increased intra-abdominal pressure, forced free organs in the abdominal cavity such as: small intestine, cecum, The omentum, bladder, ovary, fallopian tubes and other organs enter the other part through the normal or abnormal weak points or defects of the human body. It is more common in the clinic to inguinal hernia. In the groin area, the mass can be seen or touched, and it can be recovered after lying down. Did you describe the size of the pea grain that has recently appeared? what colour? Will it hurt after rolling? Is it possible that the lymph node group is swollen?
I had thyroid surgery and my left thyroid was removed. Shortly afterwards a tumor developed in the left side right above my collar bone. My doctor advised me not to worry because it was soft tissue, fat cells and if it increased in size to return. No tests were done. The tumor has increased in size and I often have pain my let arm and shoulder constantly. I am afraid this my be cancer after reading the information on your site.
I think you need follow your Dr. 's advice, if you think it has grown in size you return to your Dr.