Is Thick Blood Dangerous?

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I have liden factor 5
For a few years 5mg daily kept me in a safe range.
For the last year I have not been able to get above 1. I am taking 15 mg of cumidon currently but not helping.
i don't which disease are you suffering ?why do you get this ,is cumidon a FDA-proved medicine?
Does sleep apnea cause thick blood?
I broke my shoulder in October November 30 I found out I have a blood clot under my arm. I take 7 1/2 mg 4 days a week and five mg 3 times a week my blood is still thick. This is new to me I did not know my blood was so thick. I am pretty much in dismay.
since your doctor only give you oral drug to solve the blood clot, sugguesting it's not a very serious problem, you shoule see your doctor regularlly and adjust the dosage of your drug acccording to blood test.
Recently found out that I may have thick blood, while having complications during plasma donation. What should my next move be. I’m scared of having a serious health issue.
which test make you think you have thick blood? Do you have high cholesterol? Are you dehydrated? Do you have any symptom? If it's high cholesterol, treat the cholesterol. Keep hydrated, water, and tea sugar-fee, water is useful in dilute the blood.