Can You List Some Low Carb Foods?

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You didnt mention any beans. There must be more food then that. A diabetic needs food. And you didnt mention anything to drink. Dont say almond milk. I never even heard of that. Please help? I have a loved one that just heard her blood sugar is over 500. But shes starving and thirsty. We dont know what she can eat or drink. She was in hospital. She left. Theyre so rude and bossy in smithfield, NC. A bunch of young kids trying to be boss. Its pathetic!
I'd agree this isn't a complete list of foods, also low carb foods isn't totally right for diabetics. Low GI foods are for diabetics. In your friend's case, she has a very high blood sugar, but still feeling thirsty and starving. Water and green tea are the best drinks. The thirsty and starving feeling come from high blood sugar, if you let your friend eat more, her blood sugar will go up, and she will feel more starving. So the doctors have to find a way to lower down the blood sugar immediately. I think you friend didn't die of starving, she dies of complications of diabetes.