Foods to Avoid for High Triglycerides

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What is a good natural cholesterol lowering product
Try red yeast, I had Red yeast + CoQ10 from Jarrow Formulas for my mom, it works.
Most of the cholesterol drugs are safe and effective. I don't think any natural food can work as effective as the drugs do. Otherwise the drug manufacturers will be selling natural products rather than statins.
OMGOSH are you for real?  Drug companies only provide drugs with side effects and keep you  coming back. There is no money in a cure.
Can't turn against that. I know statins do harm to the liver, but they did drop my cholesterol.
I couldn't agree more with Her. I am on a satin for high cholesterol but recently I have found that I am having trouble with my blood sugar. Because of my later in life age I understand that I am more susceptible to type two diabetes. Funny though I experimented on myself, yes I know it is bad to do, but what I found was that when I went off my cholesterol medicine for just four days my blood sugar dropped from  a fasting level of 134 to 101 in just four days and that was with eating pasta's and just recently a sugar cookie 30 minutes before bedtime with the next morning blood sugar level of the lowest of 101.
Time to talk to my doctor about this!!
Thank you Bob, this is very informative. My husband had a check-up a month and a half ago, he had high cholesterol high blood sugar, one of his artery is blocked 15 percent. The cardiologist put him on Statins and blood sugar medication, he's been on them for a month, and I managed his diet very carefully, although he's been busy working but he took a relatively healthy diet. Last week, his lab test shows drop in LDL, still high in tri, but even higher with blood sugar. I thought it was the wine he drank, he loves drinking wine too much. But thank you for letting me know it can be the statins. He loves drinking wine all the time, his blood sugar was never this high.
Statins almost literally killed me. So now I am on Rapatha infusion which after 6 months has lowered my Cholesterol with good numbers of HDL and LDL but very high Triglycerides. Yuck
Same here! Repatha lowered my bad cholesterol but increased my triglycerides, and I got severe back and leg pain. Now I've dropped it and started with a better diet. Maybe you need a diet plan too.
Hi hope your doings well I was just curious bcuz I have high triglycerides and cholesterol levels...Does it lower triglycerides and what's red yeast plz help me with any info you can Plzzz  thnx Sooo much:)!!!
We are all fat asses and we're gona die soon so screw it
Good outlook buddy
What fish is bad for your cholesterol?
Fish is good for cholesterol, including the fatty fish. The fish fat isn't like the fat in red meat, it's healthy unsaturated fat rich in omega fatty acid, good for cholesterol level.
Shrimp is high in cholesterol. My doctor told me to stay away from it.
What makes high triglycerides and how do you hope how do you lower them