Iron Tests - Normal, High, Low

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The iron test at the emergency room was 10. The dr said that was ok. I have all the symptoms of iron deficiency
Hello, there may be deviations between the physical status of each examination and different hospital laboratories. If the doctor has told you that you don't need to worry but you still have no confidence, I suggest you change to another hospital and measure again. If the results of the exam are still normal but you still have symptoms, you can supplement the iron with a diet. However, excessive exposure may cause iron poisoning, which may directly corrode the gastrointestinal mucosa, resulting in symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, melena, abdominal pain and gastroenteritis. Excessive amount can also easily affect the absorption of zinc, magnesium and other trace elements in the small intestine, and reduce the immune function of the body.
My iron ferritin number is 2525. I've never had transfusions, alcoholism, liver disease, or any other problems. Drs. are talking about flabotamy. What are symptoms of overload? And why a flabotamy?
Symptoms include chest pain, heart palpitations, joint pain, stomach pain, fatigue. Phlebotomy is the procedure to remove some of your blood so as to lower the ferritin level.