Causes of Low Sodium

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What is the relationship between low blood sodium and lung cancer?
Dear, lung cancer is highly prone to dysregulation of antidiuretic hormone secretion, abnormal secretion of antidiuretic hormone, resulting in water retention in the body, increased urinary sodium excretion and dilute hyponatremia. Hope it helps you.
I exercise 1 hour daily 5 to 6 times a week.  My dr. says mine was caused by drinking too much water.  I need electrolytes and have started drinking water with electrolytes in it, plus I am on 3 different meds for it.  One for hallucinations; 1 for high blood pressure (which I have never had before my b.p. had always been on the low side; and a cholestrol med because of the high b.p.  I could not think or speak for 2 days and had bad headaches off and on for several months which I thought were migraines.  I think the sodium deficiency caused these.
Did you follow the doctor's advice to take the three medicines that the doctor gave you? During your headache, you are advised to reduce your exercise, relax your mood properly and take three medications regularly. In addition, spend as much time with relatives as possible when you are in low spirits.
There are many medications I take. Let me give you my list and tell me which one would cause low sodium? Crestor 10 mg 1 x daily, glimeperide 4 mg 2X's daily, Metropolol Tartate 100 mg, 2 x's daily, Trileptal; 300 mg 2 x's daily, Trazodone 150 mg 1 time daily with food, ;lorazepam, 2mg at bedtime, 2 Tylenol 500 mg gel tabs at breakfast, 1 at l;unch and 2 at dinner.
low sodium
Hyponatremia occurs when the concentration of sodium in your blood is abnormally low. Sodium is an electrolyte, and it helps regulate the amount of water that's in and around your cells.
In hyponatremia, one or more factors — ranging from an underlying medical condition to drinking too much water — cause the sodium in your body to become diluted. When this happens, your body's water levels rise, and your cells begin to swell. This swelling can cause many health problems, from mild to life-threatening.

Hyponatremia treatment is aimed at resolving the underlying condition. Depending on the cause of hyponatremia, you may simply need to cut back on how much you drink. In other cases of hyponatremia, you may need intravenous electrolyte solutions and medications.
Have you been diet normally?