What Is Thigh Pain?

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My pelvis started hurting like sciatica,now top of my thigh is numb and hurts to when I scratch it.it hurts to walk
Do you have any back pain? Or is the pain worse when you bend over? It may be lumbar disc herniation. Prone in bed as much as possible, if the pain does not ease, I suggest you go to the hospital to do some related checks to confirm the diagnosis.
I can relate the pain is terrible.
Where is the pain? How long has it been? More information please.
11 days pain is unbearable I can't Ella's the pains shooting down my pelvic area. Swelling on my upper thigh unbearable pain
Pelvic pain may be a symptom of infection or may arise from pain in the pelvic bone or in non-reproductive internal organs, such as the bladder or colon. See a doctor to find out the cause so as to get treated accordingly.
Front of my thigh get numb when I do tai chi which I have seen doing for four months. I do have  other issues  with knee
did that last long? it can be a stretch. problems in knee can hardly cause numbness in the thigh. if you can't stand it, you should see a doctor.
Ok, i have been getting excruiating sharp pains in my left thigh in the inside.  Its so bad all I can do is stop what im doing and wait for it to stop.  If  I touch it it hurts worse.  When its not a stabbing sharp pain, my inner thigh is sore in that spot.  Its only been happening since this morning, 1 day. Please help :(
you have have shingle, do you have any rashed or blister in the skin?
have you been hurted recently,is that possible of bone fracture or muscle strecth. if you can't stand the pain , go to ER ASAP.
I have pain in my upper right thigh, usually when I walk. In my job I walk all day and have developed a limp. When I leave I can hardly raise my right leg to get into my car. It also hurts when I lay on my right side in bed.
you should see a Orthopedist,have X-ray or MRI test. see a doctor ASAP.
Can I take a pain pill or put ice or heat till I see doctor on Friday I do have an appt then
You can take pain killers first. Apply ice in the first 24 hours and heat after 24 hours. and you'd better not work and have a good rest before Friday.
I have the exact same symptoms in both thighs going to my knees. The pain is debilitating keeping me from walking with out using a walker.
I would suggest you to get your hip and lumbar spine checked with CT.