What Causes Persistent Coughing?

2 Answers

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I'm having bad coughing while I'm sleeping it wakes me up about 5 times during the night,  I don't cough during the day and have no nasal problems
Actually,the causes of cough is complicated.Both lung  and heart disesese can casuse cough.Going to the hospital is needed if cough persists.
I have a type cough that irratates me and I'M not sick, and I don't have no cold nor the flu. It's more like a unstoppable cough. I'm 41 yrs. old. I don't know if it's something like a mental health issue or not. I really need to know what this problem really is.
Hello Mr. Davis, have you had a chest CAT? If no, I'd recommend you to take one, see if anything abnormal in the lung that causes the cough.
I’m having the same thing had my left lung cleaned out and had X-rays ct scan and all was good except left lung had some scar tissues . But cough all the time eyes gets watery sometimes it’s terrible
Sharon, scar tissues normally has no significance. With cough and watery eyes, cough type asthma should be considered.
That was a NON-answer response. No advice provided. Not helpful.
Hi, Sharon, generally scar tissues would not cause your persistent cough and watery mucus. It might be the cough-variant asthma, which is diagnosed by doing a bronchoprovocation test. It might also be caused by gastroesophageal reflux disease, which is diagnosed with 24 hour manometry. Overall, more tests are needed to find out the cause.