Free PSA Test – Normal, High, Low

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68 yr old WM-please tell me what all this means.

Name    Actual Result    Notes    Site Description    Status    Significance
PSA (FREE AND TOTAL)    January 08, 2019        QUEST DIAGNOSTICS LENEXA 10101 RENNER BLVD LENEXA 66219-9752
PSA SerPl-mCnc25    NOT CALCULATED    PSA(ng/mL) Free PSA(%) Estimated(x) Probability of Cancer(as%) 0-2.5 (*) Approx. 1 2.6-4.0(1) 0-27(2) 24(3) 4.1-10(4) 0-10 56 11-15 28 16-20 20 21-25 16 >or =26 8> 10(+) N/A >50 References:(1)Catalona et al.:Urology 60: 469-474 (2002) (2)Catalona et al.:J.Urol 168: 922-925 (2002) Free PSA(%) Sensitivity(%) Specificity(%) < or = 25 85 19 < or = 30 93 9 (3)Catalona et al.:JAMA 277: 1452-1455 (1997) (4)Catalona et al.:JAMA 279: 1542-1547 (1998) (x)These estimates vary with age, ethnicity, family history and DRE results. (*)The diagnostic usefulness of % Free PSA has not been established in patients with total PSA below 2.6 ng/mL (+)In men with PSA above 10 ng/mL, prostate cancer risk is determined by total PSA alone. The Total PSA value from this assay system is standardized against the equimolar PSA standard. The test result will be approximately 20% higher when compared to the WHO-standardized Total PSA (Siemens assay). Comparison of serial PSA results should be interpreted with this fact in mind. PSA was performed using the Beckman Coulter Immunoassay method. Values obtained from different assay methods cannot be used interchangeably. PSA levels, regardless of value, should not be interpreted as absolute evidence of the presence or absence of disease.    QUEST DIAGNOSTICS LENEXA 10101 RENNER BLVD LENEXA 66219-9752
This must be a copy-paste from a chart, the sequence is in disorder, it's hard to read. What is the indicator you tested, Mr. Tesitor? Just name the indicator and your number.
PSA level 16.5 removed prostrate 20 years ago what are my chances of having cancer again ???
it's possible. you should do more test to find out.
Your risk of prostate cancer is almost 0 if prostate removed 20 years ago.  There is no recommendation to screen when you are that far out from the cancer.
This is misleading, Dave. Even after prostatectomy, PSA is an important indicator. The rising of PSA means the cancer cells is circulating in your body and it can bring recurrence. Although you may not need any treatment immediately, your oncologist need to regularly track it, analyze it, and provide you suggestion based on your personal health profile.
Husband PSA level is 4.4 his blood work showed little elevated on 1st blood work and just got results of 2nd blood work and level is still elevated. What usually happens with his level 4.4
Prostate cancer, benign prostatic hyperplasia and prostatitis. You should consult a Urological surgeon, see if whether further test should be done and do follow-up.
my score is high 8s Want to do a by-opes y???? Not sure if I want to??? Advise if you can???? Oh yea, I'm 64.
I would do the biopsy, it's my body I wanna know everything. Anyway you need listen to your doctor.
I am 66 and just had my third test. It has been 6.9/7.2 and today 5.39. I had been having a lot of sex and quit when they told me that it could be the cause of elevated PSA.