Blood pressure - How Low Is Dangerous?

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Top number 135 bottom number 54 heart rate100 . What do you do?
Standard measurement method:  exam the blood pressue and heart rate after 5 mins rest, and exam three times a day.
if it's all around this level ,it's ok ,you do nothing about this,just keep monitor Bp.
109/46 is this to worry about?
The bottom reading is lower than the normal range of 60-90. I'd be surprised if you don't feel faint or light-headed.
46 is WAY TO your doc right away.
The bottom number is low, did you do the measure correctly?
I think you should go to the hospital. Because this diastolic blood pressure is significantly lower than the lower limit of normal value(60). Symptoms such as syncope may occur.
What causes normally high blood pressure patients suddenly have a rapid drop in systolic bp?  have already proven it is not the meds.  when it occurs patient loses all energy and sweats profusely from the waste up
Heart failure and endocrine disease may lead to a drop.
My blood pressure is running between 60 and 80 for the yop number and 37 to 50 for the bottom number. I have been dizzy, weak, off balance and short of breath. Should I be worried? I am also tired and sleep around 16 or more hours a day.
Hi Mr. Humes, your BP is lower than normal, the weakness, fatigue, dizziness, being short of breath can all be related to the low blood pressure. You should schedule an appointment with a cardiologist about blood pressure evaluation, before that you may try to drink some salt water see if your BP can rise somehow.
Blood pressure below 90/60 mmHg is dangerous. With the blood pressure lower than 90/60 mmHg, you would feel fatigue all the time. Fainting sometimes occurs too.