Lung Nodule

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I have a non-calcified nodule on my lung. Do I need to worry that that is too long to recheck?
how big is it ?is the the borderline neat?if the borderline is blur,it can't be good.
Consult with a Thoracic surgeon. if you can't get a doctor, try to take regular test,make sure it's not growing bigger.
I just got the same call from my doctor. Why wait a year to do another ct?  Would they treat their family members same way?
All doctors have a guide something that they all follow, the guide says so. Observation. I hate to wait. I smoke a lot and I'm nervous.
it's normal to have lung nodule. not every need a surgery . in case it's a benign one. if you check a year later, it's not getting bigger, you can still to the follow-up and check out every year
Was told to wait a wait a couple of months and recheck..I chose not to wait and within 6 week of scan it had grown..had biopsy do done and found stage 1 cancer .. had my left lung removed and I am cancer.
Maria,they found 2 nodgles in my lungs  about a year ago then xray 6 months later showed one was gone..i still smoke had ct friday really scared its cancer while i light up another cigarette..
There is just 1 nodule left. It could be lung cancer or not. The lung CT scan would provide helpful information to determine whether the nodule looks like cancer. Quit smoking. It helps for your lung functions, regardless of whether the nodule is cancer or not.
I have nodules in my lung and the doctor ordered a CT scan and after review he ordered a PET scan. Is this normal procedure?
it's a normal procedure. do you have family members accompanied when you go the hospital. if you don't understand what's going on, you can ask them to explain to you .
How can you heal a nodule?
Is lung nodule cancer, they tell it's only 0.4 in size does it come from smoking
No one knows it for sure. Only after cutting and examining it under the microscope do we know it is cancer or not. Size is not equal to benignity or malignancy. Small nodules can be cancer or benign lesions. Whether it is caused by smoking depends on what the lung nodule is.
I am iron deficient. Is this a sign of cancer. I am Gerri g infusions of iron now. I have nodules in my lung and have a pet scan ordered. I am very concerned. Will the pet scan show any cancer?
iron deficient only means you nutrition state is not ok . it can be  a sign of chronic disease or only bad nutrition intake. pet scan show more information about the nodules, don't worry , it may be benign .
I have a 12 to 14mm nodule on my right lung.  When originally found (a couple of years ago) it was 8mm.  I had the PET scan done and the SUV number was 1.1.  The doctors thought originally could do a light biopsy, however found out it could not be reached with the light.  So ,  having the needle biopsy.  It is not considered as cancerous but I opted to have the biopsy.  Do you think a needle biopsy is necessary?
i think it's good to know the Pathology of the node, since it's getting bigger as time goes by. you can aslo  regular take CT SCAN, monitor the size.
Terri Jo, how did you come out?  I had a nodule which began growing right after a CT scan.  Pet scan, and ended up having the middle of my right lung removed a week ago.  Dangerous and painful thoracic surgery.  Anyone with a lung nodule - follow it through until you are satisfied with the drs. answers about it.  Much of the diagnostics and treatment depend on the EXACT location on the lung.  Mine was in the center lobe on the right side.  Do not prolong getting answers and keep climbing the ladder to find out exactly what it is if it is growing or just found.  Ask lots of questions - hope you are doing well!
I had to go to the hosiptal with severe chest pains and swelling in feet and legs even in hands and face at hospital they done x ray of chest and lungs then done ct of chest and lungs and it showed I had lots of pulmonary  nodules in right lung then 2 in left lung should I be concerned and worried I have family history of lung cancer they want me to see my lung doctor soon as possible  I have apt Tuesday the 15th can u explain a little of it to me thanks and god bless
Hello Ms. Hall, pulmonary nodules do not equal to lung cancer. Pulmonary infection, tuberculosis ect. can all lead to nodules. Another possible cause is Sarcoidosis, which is an auto-immune disease characterized with multiple nodules. So it's right for you to see an pulmonary specialist at your earliest convenience.
I have already had renal cell carsonomia cancer ,then they found a well something like a grapevine growing up around my main artery towards my lung plus something in. my lymph nodes anyway now they told me about a month ago they found some kind of a nodule 3cm. on my lung I have never smoked in my life but have been around it all of my life I don't know what to think they want to wait until it gets bigger and that scares me what do you think I should do? I don't have any family lefty husband passed away last year so I'm alone.
I'm very sorry to hear your situation. my sugguestion is to live up and be positive. you can'r make sure what would happen tomorrow. you just live everyday colorful. don't worry, see the doctor regularlly.
I would get all the tests you possibly can to find out exactly what it is. Try to stay positive until then. Find support.. friend ,family ,anyone. Let your Dr know you don't have a lot of support there are support groups out there .. best of luck for you .. prayers
I just saw your post.  I pay that your doing ok.  But I have the dame situation with having ling nodules now after having renal, they just keep telling me to not wiry and keep coming back every 2 months cuz their not big enough to do anything about.  I've been going through this for about years now.  Cancer runs in my dad's side of the family and I lost my oldest son to Wilms' Tumor which is a form of childhood kidney cancer which wad on his left kidney sand that is the dame kidney mine was on years later.  If your worried you cam always get a 2nd opinion, but mine haven't grown now on a year which gives me some hope that their just from a past bad infection. But they did fond that I have a rare hernia that usually is only found in infants this last time they did the CT scan.  Good luck to you and God Bless!
Im 52 and had a 10 mm nodule show up in an xray. They followed up with a CT scan which showed it as 9mm. Had a follow up CT and the nodule was measered at 12mm but was  stated as no change. My math says 3mm is growth. Especially in 3 months. I went back to the radiology and asked for them to explain how 3mm increase is no change. They had someone go over both CT's ad said its very subjective. The first Ct was underestimated and the second one was correct.  They reccomended to do another CT in 6 months. Now Im wondering if some mistake has been made. Im now terrified, and have another CT in Feb. Is this normal to have different measurements?  My mother died of lung cancer and I was a 10 a day smoker since 13.  3 scans, 3 sizes and no change.  Does this make sense? I quit smoking a year ago.  Is 12 mm small?  The 10mm nodule was first found in March. Last Ct was June.  Should I try to get it done immediately? Or demand a Pet scan?
TO be honest, PET-CT can't say it's cancer or not., but it can show the if there Is metastasis in the whole body to help the doctor to diagnose. only a small node in CT is a tricky problem. CT guided puncture and Pathological histology test is the best way to get it diagnosed. then you can go to a surgeon to have it removed.
I would go check it out
I have a nodule in my lung. I too was worried because each time I had a x-ray or CT scan done they would give a different measurement. I finally saw a lung doctor and they ordered a pet scan. It showed the nodule to be odd shaped not round. The reason for the difference in size was because when a CT scan is done it takes pictures in slices of your body. Because you are not always in the exact same position when the CT scans are done the images are not always of the same slice across the nodule and where mine is odd shaped it was giving a difference of 3mm yet it was stated as no change. See a specialist in the field for lungs and get them to do test that will satisfy your need to know. Not knowing and worrying about it can lead to stress which can lead to a different set of problems. God bless
I had a cat scan of my lungs.  Found a lung nodule R91.8 suggested a pet scan.  Written on order was staging of tumor.  Is this suspicion of cancer.
Yes, as he suggested a PET-CT scan to provide a tumor stage.
I had a ct scan in Dec show I had nodules on my lungs Dr had me have a nother scan the first of March he told me some were gone and a few had grown but didn’t seem concerned and wants me to get a nother on in 6 months should I be worried?