Heart Attack - Blood Clot in Heart

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I have been told that I had a coronary heart disasease. is this the same thing as a isemic heart.
yes , it's the same thing.
I am 67 yo. I had heart attack a year ago, walking around outside picking up sticks, begin to get very short of breath an begin to be very weak. I have one Stent. Could it be my heart acting up again? History of heart disease.
Hello, have you continued taking anticoagulants and treating cardiovascular disease after you leave the hospital? Cardiovascular disease is a long-term, chronic disease that requires you to take medication for a long time to counter its progress. In addition, you need to go to the clinic on time to ask your doctor to help you adjust the type and amount of medication.
Er gave medication to me can i have a refill no one can support me i have ssi waiting for a card to come in can i see if a occupation nurse can speak with me. police been searching me dont need a proposal need my civil right not for my mom record rt
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I have a relative in the hospital, he had a heart attack, they have done a short procedure to get photos of his heart to see if they can tell why his heart is kicking out clots now.?? If all goes well after the procedure and he passes some tests, they may try to take out the breathing tube while he is still out from the procedure. If all go's well they will start getting all the tubes and wires off.

Explain to me how the heart can "kick out" clots and also into a lung??  information from his son.   Please explain
This generally occurs with atrial fibrillation, a condition that frequently causes heart blood clot. With heart beat, the blood clots in the heart would be kicked out to the circulation. The procedure to detect it is most frequently ultrasound, either transthoracic or transesophageal.