Pneumocystis Jiroveci Pneumonia Prognosis

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Recently my husband was diagnosed with pneumonia, he was on an antibiotic and inhaler. He still was so congested, tired and breathless on exertion.  He went back from o the Dr and was put on steroids and another inhaler.  He still feels awful, mostly congested, tired and breathless.  He has had a lung x Ray upon first diagnosis.  I’m unsure what he should do next he is 58 years of age and is a pastor of a church.
Consult with the doctor again. If your husband was diagnosed with pneumonia, why not  anti-biotics are prescribed? Anyway, you should see the doctor again, medication should be adjusted.
My son is 36 amd once a month has really high fever with severe pain sometimes in shoulder area, he was diagnosed with pneumonia at a hospital 5 years ago so should he get the numocacsis vaccine
Hi Mrs. Cunnyngham, may I ask the cause of the fevers that your son had? Is there a diagnosis? If the fever is simply infection from time to time because of poor immunity, a pneumococcal disease vaccine is recommended. However, if the fever isn't from simple infection, the first action is to identify the cause and clear it.
Unless recently confirmed, the recurring high fever doesn't relate to the pneumonia 5 years ago. Before confirming the cause of the recurring fever, vaccine isn't a good idea.