Microalbumin/Creatinine Ratio

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Hello , I went do my wellness,  my results of my Microalbumin number was 87.3... should I be concerned ? My healthcare provider said she need to lower my potassium level which was high , and increase my sodium which was low .
Microalbumin in urine below 150 is fine. Your doctor is right about the potassium and sodium, no need to worry.
My Microalbumin/Creatinine Urine ratio was 162.6 and was told that is high. What is causing this and what steps do I need to take to lower the ratio?
Yes, it is higher than normal. The normal range is <30. The most common cause for this is kidney injury induced by diabetes (called diabetic nephropathy). However, many other kidney injuries would also cause this. You need to see a nephrologist. If your blood sugar is high, then vigorous control of your blood glucose level is needed. If it is caused by other conditions, then you should seek help from your nephrologist.
bun/cr range is 23.4, should I be concerned
BUN-to-creatinine ratio falls in 10:1 to 20:1, 23.4 is out of the range. You will need to follow up with your Dr. But no need to worry too much, your doctor may have ordered this test only to know how dehydrated you were. It doesn't mean you have a kidney problem at all.
my microalbumin is severly high ,I am usually dehydrated but otherwise fairly healthy, all other labs are ok no anemia no infection, I take several medications for hear rate. what other tests can I expect?
Hello Ms. Joan, this likely indicates the early stage of kidney disease, have you had serum creatinine test?