Vitamin D - Normal, High, Low

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I was told by my Doctor that my vitamin d is high, however I don't take vitamin d supplements. She put me on vitamin D 50000 unit po cap. I'm confused that if its high then why was I prescribe to take 50000 vitamin d pills once a week.
I am not sure why you tested the vitamin D, what is your primary disease? I am not sure about your situation. It doesn't sound right to me either, if your VD is high you should cut it off instead of being given pills. Are you sure your doctor said your VD is high? I think you better get an answer from your doctor.
I was just given 50,000 UNI because my D was below the lowest on the charts I ended up in the hospital because of this...this is what happens when we have unqualified physicians now this can cause kidney failure also so be very careful of what they prescribe here I trusted the doctor...I will never do that again
There has been an increase in overall hypervitaminosis D cases in the past few years, linked to either Vitamin D supplements or tanning bed use. Generally people can't get too much Vitamin D from foods and exposure to the sun. The recommended daily value of Vitamin D is also safe, sometimes people take multivitamin and a seperate supplement of calcium and Vitamin D, the intake adds up more than the recommended daily value, then high blood Vitamin D level occurs.

Some prescription can raise Vitamin D level, including thiazide diuretics, digoxin, and estrogen therapy.

Excessive Vitamin D in the body finally leads to too much calcium, and further leads to kidney stones, kidney damage and failure, excess bone loss, artery calcification.
I was just put on this today. Because my vitamin D level is 18. I have chronic kidney disease stage 3. Will taking this hurt me?
Hi Ms. Vinson, no worries. Many people with CKD have lower level of Vitamin D, it's because the impaired kidney can't turn Vitamin D from foods into the active form for the body to absorb. Therefore you're put on Vitamin D supplements. It's generally okay if you take only the suggested dose. If you take another supplement at the same time, it's safe for you to check the label and make sure you're not getting Vitamin D from both supplements.
Hi, Judy, a level of 20 nanograms/milliliter to 50 ng/mL is considered adequate for healthy people. Your level of 18 is a little bit low. However, the chronic kidney disease will make your calcium low. Therefore, you should take the Vitamin D pills. It will protect you from hypocalcemia instead of hurting you.
My blood work up resulted in this one concern of very low Vit D that my dr put me on med of 50,000 once per week for 3 mos with afterwards to return for testinG.
My lab work on Bit D was a low 9.  Dr has prescribed a weekly 50,000 for 3 months.
I’’m Otherwise in good health with no med issues and 70 yes young.
My doctor just called me and said my level d was a 8.
This is much lower than the normal or healthy level, which is roughly 20 to 50 ng/ml. Do you have any symptoms? Did your doctor find out what caused this low vitamin D? Do you have osteoporosis?
My vitamin D is 12 no response from doctor yet
I have toxic vitamin D according to my MD.
What does tha mean and what can I do about it? Thank you

Doctors DO NOT  study nutrition in medical school and 99% of doctors are woefully lacking any knowledge of nutrition, including knowledge about vitamins and minerals.  Bottom line is this...if you want information about nutritional health, do not rely on a medical doctor.  You must do research about this for yourself. There are great books readily available on the subject of vitamin and mineral supplementation.