CCT Test – Normal, High, Low

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Tim, What type of medication to watch out for?
Hello Julie, medication that may be harmful to the kidney include: antibiotics when long-term use, diuretics(water pills), NSAIDs(aspirin,  ibuprofen, naproxen, ...), proton pump inhibitors (for acid reflux, stomach ulcer), laxatives. Especially watch out when you need to use either of these for long time.
I just got my test results back and it reads that my creatinine level is 148.9 mg/dL. Is this high?
creatinine level 1mg/dl=88.4umol/l
148.9 mg/dL is not the right result, I guess the result is 148.9 umol/l.
it's a little higher than the normal upper level. you should see you doctor and ask for advice, and follow-up regularlly.
you should have low-protein(mainly high-quality protein) food, take medicine to dalay the progress. maybe more tests are needed to find out the reason.
My husband had his creatine levels checked how he also has a cyst in the kidney. He is 71 year old man with other autoimmune diseases. Also his HDL is 30 which is low high Chloride level what does this mean?
Creatine is a nitrogen-containing organic acid produced mainly in the kidney and liver and stored in high-energy-consuming tissues such as skeletal muscle and brain tissue. Creatine-phosphate (creatine-phosphate or creatine phosphate) is involved in the synthesis of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is the energy source of many metabolic processes in cells.

Creatine is mainly synthesized in the liver, kidney and pancreas, involving two-step enzymatic reactions. The first step is to synthesize guanidinoacetate (GAA) from arginine and glycine catalyzed by L-arginine-glycine amidine transferase (AGAT). The second step is the formation of creatine by GAA and S-adenosylmethionine catalyzed by GAMT. Creatine is mainly absorbed by brain, muscle and other tissues (via CT). Finally, creatinine is converted to creatinine by non-enzymatic reaction and is excreted from urine. Hypercreatine kinase (HCK) is common in various neuromuscular diseases. Generally speaking, the discovery of hypercreatine kinase (HCK) in the blood, especially the continuous increase, often indicates problems in the muscular system. Generally accompanied by the clinical manifestations of muscle involvement, but some patients with hyperCK have no clinical manifestations of muscle involvement, or only manifest atypical symptoms of muscle involvement such as myalgia, cramps, muscle stiffness, but no typical symptoms of muscle involvement, such as muscle weakness, pseudohypertrophy, muscle atrophy, myotonia, etc. When hypercreatine kinase is found, it is necessary to go to the hospital in time. It is suggested that the neuromuscular outpatient doctor in the Department of neurology should make a careful evaluation to determine the cause of hypercreatine kinase. There are many drugs to reduce creatine kinase in clinic. Instead of simply using creatine kinase, we should find out the reasons and treat them accordingly. Because the simple reduction of creatine kinase can not change the development of the disease, sometimes it masks the condition. The rise
I finished chemo/rad  in June 2017... My poc  cretinine is 1.00mg/d where do I stand ..
cretinine in 1.00mg/d is normal. no need to worry.
how bad is a level for a 75yr old that is 1.6 creatinine level
Slight kidney damage but not a severe case. Your Dr. should watch out on the medication that you take. And manage your BP and blood sugar well. You're gonna be fine.
It's a bit over the normal value, meaning the kidney may not be functioning perfectly. Although the extent of kidney damage is measured through GFR, the GFR is based on creatinine and age, gender, weight, race. Even if your GFR appears less than optimal, it won't be a serious one. Most likely the least serious stage. But I'd still recommend that you see a urologist.
I have a creatinine level of 1.7. What does this mean and what can I do to decrease the level of creatinine. I am 72.
If you meant serum creatinine, a higher value means chronic kidney disease. I'll suggest you follow up with a Urologist. I'll bet you're at an early stage given the value, the key is to manage your blood pressure and blood sugar well if you have any or both of them, they'll make the kidney problem worse.
What does it mean when your CRP is too low? My cousin had the test run and it came back 0.03 mg/dl.
CRP is a marker for inflammation, when it goes high it means infection or inflammation. It's okay to stay low. Besides, normal range is <1 mg/dL.