High Bun, High Potassium, What Do They Mean?

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Is it possible to lower potassium and improve kidney function.
If your kidney has been damaged and have impaired function. it's impossible to reverse it. i don't know your stage of CKD(depending on the Ccr).
Labs had showed  a potassium level of 7, The retake was 5. My husband is under a kidney and heart doctors care. He has been directed to make an appointment with his PCM. What questions do we need to ask and tests should be taken?
Calcium chloride or calcium gluconate is the first choice for reducing potassium? What is pseudo-hyperkalemia? What are the common situations of exogenous potassium overload? The relationship between serum potassium level and symptoms? How to deal with arrhythmia caused by high potassium?Look forward to their usefulness to you.
Any relationship to Agent Orange herbcid eexposure?
Kidney dysfunction is not in the list of diseases that government acknowledges related to Agent Orange.
What is the effect of high potassium
Symptoms of hyperkalemia (high potassium) include:
Abnormal heart rhythm—arrhythmia—that can be life-threatening
Slow heart rate

The symptoms can be mild and may be due to many different health problems.