Dehydration Urine Color

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My urine has suddenly become a bright yellow. My fluid intake has not changed and I am not taking any new vitamins or medications.  What could be causing this?
do you have any symptom?
drink enough water to see if it changes.
go to the hospital and have a routine urine test. it's easy and cheap.
When your  urine is dark brown in most situations it means you’re kidneys are shutting down
Vitamins will turn your urine bright yellow. The vitamin C is the reason in them
My urine is an orange looking color.. What could that be?
There are many reansons.Food and disease may infect the color.Conduct the urinary routine test.
My granddaughter is three, taking very strong antibiotic for something on her skin.  Her urine is dark brown all of a sudden. Been on
Antibiotic now for seven days. What does this mean?
Why did she use antibiotics, what diseases she was treating, what antibiotics she was using, whether orally or intravenously, and what was the daily dose?
Thank you for the information. How much fluids do I need to get my urine back to pale yellow. What fluids do you recommend?
Daily intake of fluid for an adult is recommended as 2,000 ml, water is the best for the urinary system, better than any beverages, coffee, soda, juice or tea.
No anwer !!! My pee is like water no color for a day now. What is that mean ????
Being dehydrated a person will have very little urine, and the color is deep. After drinking a lot of water, the color will be light because the yellow pigments are diluted. If you didn't drink a lot of water but your urine is of no color, it might link to kidney disease or diabetes. You'll need to have tests.