What Are the Normal Oxygen Saturation Levels by Age?

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If I got a cold with fever and now fever and cold  went away and now I have aniexty is 93% oxygen okay for me due to aniexty and thinking ? I am 34 years old and I have asthma for more then 15 years.
SpO2 in 93% is a little lower tham normal people. The possible reason :1)bronchitis after cold ;2)Asthma. you should see a doctor to find out the reason and get proper medication.
My oxygen levels have,lately,been lo 62 to high 99 within a 15 min period. I get up dizzy and sit for a short while. Comments? Thanks
An oxygen level of 62 is too low, and it suggests hypoxia, which would cause shortness of breath and dizziness. Treatment should be aimed at the underlying conditions that cause this. Consult a pulmonologist to find out.