What Are the Causes of Blood in Urine?

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Okay well my boyfriend is bleeding from his penis for 3 days he went too the ER & they ran test took blood did a cat scan but didn't find anything they also told him that his kidneys are not the reason why he's bleeding from his penis but they also said that his kidneys are not fuctioning how they should be & another thing my boyfriend also has had a hernia for a few years and the doctors also said that the hernia is not the problem so they gave him a number to a specialist. Whats your opion
you mean he has red blood cell in his urine? or bleeding in his penis?
does he have other symptoms?
what kind of tests has he done? are there any signs indicating for a disease? what the doctor have told you ?
I had blood urine and I wanted to know is this effect my kidney. I worked out 4 days a week heathy like as a horse. But you can get sick as you are heathy that is scary.?
Blood in the urine (hematuria) could be caused by any insults to the urinary tract. The most frequent causes include:
Urinary tract infections
Kidney infections (pyelonephritis)
A bladder or kidney stone
Enlarged prostate
Kidney disease
Inherited disorders
Kidney injury

You should see a urologist or a nephrologist to find out.
You didn't mention any burning feeling when urinating, so I guess it's not a urinary tract infection. The most common cause can be kidney stones. To confirm this you have to get an ultrasound.
Hi thank you for replying. I went to check out myself at the hospital and make it short the cat scan are negative. First the doctor thought I have a hernia but later the cat scan showed negative. They give me the prescription sheets to pick up an Antibiotic and other prescription to take and it helps the swelling down on left side of the testicle. Doctor from Urology wanted to see me the next day and I will see what he has to say.
Hey I've been reading this thread and now wondering what it could be. It'll be much appreciated if you came back and told us what the doctor said. Thanks. God bless you.
Hi they set my appointment on July 15th Monday I made sure I will keep you inform and hopefully the swelling will go down before that. God bless you too
hey how's it going?
Hi there? My appointment yesterday were good. Doctor wanted to check on me in three months. I had arthritis on my lower back the spines should be straight and it off a little bit so I have to be careful. Say a prayer for me guys. Thank you for remembering me
Thank you so much for coming back with an update. So glad that your appointment was good. And, it's really funny that I have arthritis too! I have it on the neck, really stiff and painful. Still doing nothing for that, but I'll get treatment if it gets worse. Guess you are in more pain and I'm praying for you. You should take care. God bless you. :)
my friend has been incarcerated for 2.5 yrs now.  i have known him for 8 yrs and in this time frame he has, on several occasions, confided in me about blood being in his urine.  But it never last for long and is usually forgotten about until the next episode.  upon being incarcerated, he is automatically checked for stds and hiv and such and he has always tested negative.  in the last week his urine has blood again, he went to medical, they gave him a screen to urinate in and told him to bring back a kidney stone.  He woke yesterday and went to urinate. He said he could feel something moving through his system and when it got to the head, it become stuck and he had to work it out.  there was more blood and he said what looked like a placenta after a dog gives birth.  he takes it to medical and they told him it was tissue.  Does this happen often to men, as i have never heard of such.  where does tissue come from and what would cause such discomfort.
no, it does not happen in men.
wait for the information  from the doctor.
Painless hematuria can be a bad situation.
what about if pain is present? my husband is going threw these exact same symptoms except hes in much pain. we are terrified of what it may be. please dont be cancer :( .
If he has pain, it might be kidney stone. Mona's friend had a piece of placenta-like tissue coming out, that tissue is suspicious. Anyway, let's pray before the doctor calls.
I had a biopsy the other day, while waiting for the result I was so scared. Jesus! I mean, I onced was worried for my family member, when that happened to me, man, totally different. My head and my entire body were like out of control because I was so concerned. The only thing I could do was praying. I talked to Father for long time and I gained my calmness back. Now the result comes out okay, I'm thrilled. I wish your husband a benign result.
When I went to the bathroom today, my  urine was bright red.  I have no discomfort at all.  I am incontinent.  I am 84 wit a number of medical problems and take a lot of meds.
you should have a urine test, see if there is RBC in the urine. besides, do you have Hemorrhoids or other Lower intestinal bleeding problem?
I went to the doctor and they said I had blood in my urine I'm 23 is that bad for someone my age
“blood in my urine” sugguests you have kidney disease. other tests should be done Urine protein quantification, many blood test. there is a chance that you need do do kidney biopsy. Consult with a Nephrologist.
What is hematuria, does it matter when you have 3+ blood in urine ? I've had this problem for years
Hematuria means blood in urine. If you have bloody urine, you need to have more tests so as to get to the cause. Blood in urine can be a sign of infection, kidney stone, kidney injury or tumor. That's why further tests are necessary.
my urine smells like medal smelling always going to bathroom and I think I saw blood in my urine what is going on I drink a good share of water
Urinary tract infection is the first to think about, in this case the urine can be smelly, you need to go to bathroom frequently, and you could have blood in the urine. In a UTC, drinking water can't cure the disease. Go see a doctor.
After swimming in the ocean at the beach my urine has blood and clots, it builds up and I must push to release the bloody clots urine after 3 to 4 days it stops. Any causes.?
Please let a Urologist to help you. You will need some examinations.