Is Bladder Cancer Curable?

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My dad past away two years ago with bladder cancer they told us he would live to be and old man then they put these tubes coming out of his kidneys then his troubles began I think they lie to us he made it  6 month Cleveland clinic killed my dad all the stuff they put us through and him in out that places and treated him like shit  but they will never own up to it and I would like to know what is us kids chance are of getting it both mom and dad die from cancers
it's hard to say , only very a few people have family histoty.
The cause of bladder cancer is complex, both intrinsic genetic factors and external environmental factors. The two more common risk factors for smoking are occupational exposure to aromatic amine chemicals. Smoking is currently the most serious risk factor for bladder cancer. 30% to 50% of bladder cancer is caused by smoking. Smoking can increase the risk of bladder cancer by 2 to 6 times. With the prolongation of smoking time, the incidence of bladder cancer Also significantly increased. Another important risk factor for illness is related to a range of occupational or occupational exposures. It has been confirmed that aniline, diaminobiphenyl, 2-naphthylamine and 1-naphthylamine are carcinogens of bladder cancer. The prolonged exposure to such chemicals has an increased probability of bladder cancer, and occupational factors are caused by bladder cancer patients. It accounts for 25% of the total number of patients with bladder cancer. The occupations related to bladder cancer include aluminum products, coal tar, asphalt, dyes, rubber, coal gasification and other industries.
I had bladder cancer 7 yrs ago , had bladder removed, replaced with a neo bladder made out of some of my intestate. N.j. Prostratre cancer, may wood n.j. They were the first to do this proceger. Bill
Thanks for sharing this. I'm searching for treatment information for my dad, feel lucky today, found the info that I've never heard of before.