How Breathing Exercise for COPD Can Help You?

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Sleep Apnea / Copd
Hello, sleep apnea in COPD patients needs attention. Recommend to use a noninvasive ventilator.
For an overlap syndrome, treatments are available:

1. Oxygen therapy: Wear a mask over your mouth and nose as you sleep for optimal oxygen delivery.
2. Oral appliances: These keep your tongue in place or your jaw pulled forward to improve breathing as you sleep.
3. UPPP surgery: Uvulopalatopharngyoplasty can correct airway obstructions. Talk to your doctor about the best treatments for you or your loved one.

Usually people are recommended to start from oxygen therapy. You should discuss with your Pulmonologist and get an oxygen mask.
The overlap of COPD and sleep apnea raises your risk in pulmonary hypertension, hypercapnia, and fatigue of course. Sleeping is a challenge for anyone with COPD, combining apnea makes it worse.