What Does A COPD Flare-up Mean?

4 Answers

I was diagnosed with COPD several years ago, and in last few days have excessive shortness of breath, a constant headache, and nausea. Is this serious enough to go to doctor and what might it be?
Yes, it could be COPD getting worse, you do need to see a specialist.
Will working in a meat packing plant make flareups worse?
It's possible. Research has shown working in meat packing plant is a risk factor to Asthma. In the past couple of years it has been reported that working in meat packing plant raises the risk of lung cancer by 30%. The department of labor called the meat packing plant "one of the most hazardous industries in the United States" in 1988.
ammonia is the trouble maker,the gas exists in the air of meat packing factory. cause severe irritation of the respiratory tract with the production of cough, pulmonary edema, or respiratory arrest. Bronchitis or pneumonia may follow a severe exposure.
Tiny dust、 smoking、influenza、phenumonia will make COPD worse. does your work place have those conditions?
Pulmonary Dr said I had copd in 2003. I have had episodes. Over t he yrs that I couldn't catch breath throat closed I freaked. Now the past 8 days I've been throwing up phlegm every 15 mins. Didn't t honk I had s o much in me. What do I do
Acute Exacerbations of COPD from a stable status, you'll need medical support from your medical team.
Why would a physician say I had a copd flare-up, when I have never been diagnosed with this?
Guess you had few symptoms in the past so he didn't notice.
Maybe he's wrong.
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