What Is the Life Expectancy of COPD After Diagnosis?

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Is legs and feet swelling until almost bust one of the last signs? Is sweating so bad it goes through all the bedding and mattress a sign of last stage copd ?
No. These symptoms are caused by heart failure. Doctors will have ways to correct the heart failure, and patients will get better. Please get support from your local health provider as soon as possible.
Hi all and thanks for most of the info I had a 90% blockage on the main artery stent put in new heart no more heart pain or chest pain my heart surgery was on the 19th of last month however just last Sunday I almost died from COPD 4 days in the hospital and treatment sad thing I came home with 24-7 Oxygen they just bought me 8 oxygen bottles and a big oxygen machine out today the guy that set every thing up I was talking to him about getting one of those back pack type so I could use to be able to pull my weeds from the flower and garden bed areas he told me those units are for people who are in the 2s and 3 range and he told me sad to say but you are in the 6 range and that is not good I new it was bad for me like I said and told him the past Sunday I almost died from it but come in the morning I have a bottle set up and will pull the thing out with me at day break I might only get 2 or 3 weeds up but if that's it so be it I am not giving up I see my lung doctor the 5th of June for my COPD and Emphysema but when my heart doctor put my stent in he found a Small Aneurysm on the back side of my heart so he requested I have a CT scan done well my luck I have a 5.1 in my stomach I see a Aneurysm doctor the 17th of June to see about surgery to have them removed I came home two days ago with full 24-7 Oxygen use I have had 4 melt downs in just those two days just over the COPD not even counting the Emphysema to deal with to coming up this time of the year for me is doing my flower and garden bed areas The heart doctor said pull weeds and ride my lawn mower and do my yard work that made me so happy so I go out the very next morning to pull some weeds guess what I can't even walk ten feet to get to them I could not breath what so ever came in a few puffs on my inhaler and was at least able to breath but that was it I mean I was losing my breath just setting in the chair my good next door friend of many years came over to plant my things for me Saturday morning he had a heart attack out of the clear blue sky and died you don't know how bad I took that but I was in the ER the next day with my point of no return for my breathing problem I almost died in the ER that Sunday myself and on top of this I have type 2 Diabetes and have fell 6 times and 3 of them blacked out going to the floor numbers 50s and 60s very low and very bad any thing below 70 well they say or I was told you enter a good chance of the point of no return and all this started over 14 months ago for me with a Diabetes fall hit my RT shoulder on the kitchen door frame have to have surgery to get it fixed maybe after every thing else gets done if I am still around to have it done I have no to blame but myself I did smoke for over 49 years I too stopped two years ago and I know that has given me some more years to live let me tell you I have never seen so much paper work on just the COPD and Emphysema I come home with all these do and don'ts funny if I get a cold have to contact the doctor to get meds started right away and if I can't contact the doctor I am to call 911 and this is just over a cold or I get sick I am not trying to say that any one else is like my case this is just my story to the best of my knowledge for me only and only what I know about me now funny I am a Vietnam Veteran Retired Air Force I am playing it off in front of my wife of 49 years this December she is my back bone and the love of my life if I didn't have her I don't know what I would do but I won't say it to her but I feel like I am starting to see the back dark side of the moon and I just have my first Great Grand Baby she was a year old last month and we all know the Grand Babies and Great well they just melt your hearts and all of mine are girls that I love to death I lost my health at age 49 couldn't work any more because of health reasons we lost every thing the home our kids grew up in for over 15 years we were a heart beat away from being homeless I mean when you lose your health you lose every thing I always thought it happens to the other guy and not this guy well I became the other Guy because of my bad health I was married 10 days to my wife and then left for Viet Nam funny to when we got married I had 25 dollars to my name we didn't have a car my brother loaned us his for the wedding and I gave 20 dollars to the Preacher and filled my brothers car up with gas and now that I think about that he was smart because his car was on empty think he set me up for that so he could get free gas for his car I guess what I am trying to say almost 49 years later and we are still broke and all we had when we got married was love for each other because we sure didn't have no money and now 49 years later we still have no money but still do have love for each other so please try to stay in good health because I don't want you to be the other Guy like I was and I am as I speak today God Bless All Of you Bobby 05-31-2019
I'd like to say ty much for your service. And God bless you both. Seems God blessed you w each other. Prayers for you both in your times of trouble
Hi and thank you for the thoughts some times if we can just help one person that's the world as far as I am concerned again thanks I hope you are in good health God Bless Bobby
Reading to the end I'm moved to tears, Bobby. Like you said, when you lose health you lose everything. I had a wonderful childhood, when I became a teenager my dad was sick, he had a lung problem and could no longer work. My parents were running out of money, they argued and even fighted in those bad days. Luckily I grow up fine. I just want to say what you shared to us has a meaning. God bless you!
You’re testimony is beautiful, I mean a true love story you sound like a great man Bobby. I’m sure your wife is crazy for you. Reading your story here touched my heart so humble and a go get it done type of guy. Reminded me a lot of my Dad and my older brother. I am going to admit I am a strong lady I push myself sometimes just a little to much. I have to I can’t sit around wondering about my Hypertension CHF I’m 63 and thank the lord for each day I have. But like you we lost our home and some other stuff but my husband and I are alive food on the table roof over our head clothes on our backs. Get to do exercise in cardio Pulmonary not much but it’s something I’d say I’m truly blessed. God bless you Sir Bobby and your wife.
God bless. Hope you are feeling better.
What a incredible but heartbreaking life lesson to share.. Reading this all the way through I was in tears bcuz I immediately thought of my own situation with my husband of 15 years who also is the father of our 2 beautiful teen daughters bcuz he now has COPD from smoking over 30 years and just recently he literally died right in my arms not once but twice both caused from servere COPD attacks.. Thank God I was awake and right near him during these deadly attacks so I could give him mouth to mouth and CPR .. Both times the rescue squad took about a half hour to arrive and I was alone fighting for his life in a pure state of panic and heartbreak with his face turned blue and lifeless eyes. He is my miracle man bcuz I still can't believe this happened and he made it both times - all bcuz of those years he smoked.. Without your health you basically have nothing, you are so correct and I am so sorry that you have been suffering threw all of this. Thank God for your loving wife of almost 50 yrs who has been by your side all along and would do anything to have you by her side for another 49 years. I feel the exact same way about my beloved husband he is only 48 years old and should have many more years ahead of him but instead I may loose him forever to COPD and if he has another deadly attack if I am not there to save him again. I fear the worst every single day but I try to live every day with him as if it is our last .. I let him know how much I love him and that's all we can do for each other - is love eachother bcuz we took our vows " Do death do us part" I just never thought it would happen to us this early in life.
God Bless you Bobby
I hope that you are in much better health as of today which is almost one year after you wrote this heartfelt message.
Thank you for sharing with us, it really touched my heart in so many ways.
Take good care of yourself and be strong for your wife - she will love you forever.