What Are the Symptoms of Cervical Cancer?

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I will be 50 in April I've had a vaginal discharge for several months with some cramping I had an abnormal pap dr said my cervix was closed sending me for further testing should I be concerned
Hello, I did not understand the specific meaning of the abnormal pap and ur cervix was closed. Can you get the exact words of the medical report?
Hi Ms. Georgia, I can sense you're anxious about your health condition. A lot of people feel this way when their doctor tell them something might be wrong. It's a normal reaction of human being. When you said "abnormal pap", do you mean cancer cells or precancerous cells were found? And your cervix was closed, I don't feel sure about the meaning but I guess it means something grows up there and make the cervix sealed, right? Then let's go find what this thing is at your cervix. Has the doctor arranged colposcopy for you? Take the exam, do the biopsy and you'll know what it is. Try to be strong, even if it's a bad disease, you need to be confident to beat it.